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The Night My Battery Died (because me time is a luxury I don't have)

I had no idea that having kids would keep me from having "me time" when ever I wanted it.  And, I am not talking about reading or going to the bathroom by myself, heck, I'm not even talking about sleeping alone either. Not that I am complaining, but space is nice as well as other things...

I know the kids live in the house, too, but must they always be near me?  Always be clinging to me?  Why must they occupy my space all the time? When will they detach?

I will miss all the attention when they are older and want nothing to do with me but must they be near me every single second now?  I just need a solid five minutes (or so) to do what I have to do and not feel guilty.

In order to have "alone time," I have to set the alarm extra early and sneak to the basement where no one can hear me or... wait for it... do "it" in the car.  If you figured out what kind of "me time" I am talking about - you get the gold star.  If you are still not sure, yes, I am talking about what you think I am talking about and this might be the point you stop reading this out loud to the kids.

I am talking about masturbation, happy time, self love, a night in with the girls, beating around the bush, brushing the beaver, cumming into my own, engaging in safe sex, hitchhiking south, getting to know myself, pampering the pussy and my personal favorite - the virgin's release.  Sometimes I have a helping hand and sometimes... I light candles and put on soft music.  Okay, maybe not, but I could and would you blame me?  We need this!  How can we tell our partner what we like if we can't figure it out for ourselves.  There are also times that I can just do it better and more efficiently.  I have a very active imagination and I like to exercise it from time to time, among other things...

What does this have to do with my *cough* dead battery?  Well, I was going home from work one day and thought, Hey, there is no one around and I took advantage of it.  When I was, um, satisfied... I started the car and... nothing.  Absolutely - nothing.  Funny part, I did have the car "on" so I could listen to my iPod but I figured the iPod ran out of juice, not my car.  Until I was, um, finished.
What is a girl to do?  Alone time in the parking garage was a one time thing and sure I had scoped out places in the office (for those who I work with, that read this...  I often exaggerate for effect) but this is not the best option.  Being that I once sold sex toys this should be an easy fix but alas...  sometimes I am too damn tired to get creative.  I did come up with some ideas... er... solutions to my problem and thought, I can't be the only person with this problem, can I?  So, in the off chance that I am not the only one out there in the parking garage...

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