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Because We're Worth It... A Preview of the Week to Come

The last three weeks have been... crazy, to say the lease.  If you follow me at all, either here, twitter or on Facebook, you may know that we where moving.

Well, actually, we are officially moved in as of a few days ago and I/we are in the process of unpacking.  The whole "event" has been a comedy of errors starting with the move in day being changed three times.  Which, by the way, was well worth the wait because our new home is stunning and the details are worth every day past our move in day but it was frustrating living out of and among boxes for an extra 10 days.

On top of that, the day of our move, the moving van rental place did not have the reservation, so we had to go with a smaller truck and had to make three trips instead of one.  First they said they "just got the reservation" and then said, "can't help if a truck breaks down."  They did knock $19.95 off the rental and charged us $.79 a mile instead of $.99 a mile so that was somewhat helpful but... what was the point of making a reservation?

Next, the cleaning people did not show up, sort of...  I got a LivingSocial specifically for cleaning the house we where moving out of so when they did not show I phoned the number that was provided on the coupon.  It when straight to voice mail AND the voice mail box was full. Several emails later and it was I who messed up and had the wrong day but I could not confirm that since the number was wrong on the coupon.  

Regardless, when I scheduled the maids, I told them it was a move out cleaning... "No problem," I was told.  Nothing else.  It was my fault for assuming they would wipe out the empty fridge (which apparently was not part of it) but who knew that mopping the kitchen floor was not included either?  All they did was sweep an empty apartment, "clean" a semi-cleaned bathroom and washed the windows.

The coupon said two hours, they were there an less then an hour and half (according to my landlady's mom) and they had 3 people with them.  I really wished I would have saved my $60 (normally $80) and did it myself.  No de-griming was done.  I am not a fan of their service. 

I could go on about some of the other things but I won't because, well, I am really over it and I am so happy to be moved and living our new home.


As you may imagine - I am way behind on reviews and things I would just like to write.  I am behind on visiting my favorite blogs, promoting my own blog and just checking out new things.  Ironically, the reviews (and a contest!) all have to do with beauty!  Not that I am big on these products by any means but I can appreciate them.  I have to say...  I am loving the products that I will be writing about in the next week though - so excited to share them!  Not to mention, Own Your Beauty's topic for this month is individuality and I am full of individuality.  Full of it I tell you!

Okay my beautiful, wonderful friends... be sure to check back during the week for another contest (hint: mineral makeup) and to see what else I will be writing about.  And, please don't forget about my bwitterday and blogoversary giveaway going on right. now.  $25 gift certificate to Eden Fantasys

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