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I give up…

I give up…

Well, actually, I gave up a few weeks ago but am now just getting around to writing about it. I failed the NaBloMoPo for November. It seemed so simple… 30 posts, 30 days. Hmmm… deceptively simple.

It is some what therapeutic to put these thoughts out into cyber space and by far cheaper then therapy or pills. Maybe in some twisted notion, I would have gained insight on how to make life as I know it better this month. November is a hard month for me in general. It is my birthday month. It is the start of the holiday season. It unofficially starts the count down to New Year’s Eve, which despite being my favorite holiday is still hard because it points out all the failures of the year and broken promises to me to make it a better year. This sounds so negative and in a way it is but mostly it is a response to the incredible headache I have right now that resonates down my neck and can even feel pain in the pit of my stomach to which I wish I could throw up.

Alas, I look to my son who this very morning told me that I was “the best mommy I ever meet!” So I guess I did not fail at NaBloMoPo… I just realized that I have way too much to do this month then to try and think of something to write about everyday. That is not to say I won’t try again next month. :)
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