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What we did in the CLE: North Coast Feis

What we did in the CLE: North Coast Feis

My kids competed in the North Coast Feis last weekend.

This was a big one because it was my son's first! He swore he would never dance in front of anyone but he did and we are so proud.

This is my daughter's second feis, but third time competing.

They are halfway through their second year. Both are pretty average. Worlds and Nationals are pretty much out of reach and that's okay. They take a class once a week. Leading up to a feis they add another class or two.

My daughter complains some weeks. My son only worries about performing. I remind them that they will want to go to college one day and they will need something to point to and say, "I did this!"

Irish Dance is expensive. Classes, uniform, costume, competition fees, travel... it's an investment. Because of that, the kids will be participating in the two local feiseanna. And, maybe the Oireachtas. But, that's if their teacher invites them. That's a whole other thing.

Watching them perform just fills my heart. I know they aren't the best. In fact, my kid did terrible in her first two dances of the day. She knew it too.

What we did in the CLE: North Coast Feis

I don't know what changed in the last dance.

But, the smile on her face was brilliant. She was doing well. She placed sixth out of thirteen. She earned it.

The earlier you start anything the better especially when it comes to dancing.

Beck Center preschool ballet

My daughter started in ballet and eventually worked her way to Irish dance.

My son participated in preschool gymnastics and did nothing until that first dance class almost two years ago. If they started sooner they would be farther along.

First feis is usually done at a younger age like five. I could be exaggerating, I really don't know when the average age is. My son is thirteen. His first public dance went off without a hitch. A bonus of being older when competing in a first feis is less competition. He took second. Or, runner up. There were just two of them so well done to both of them.

What we did in the CLE: North Coast Feis

And, they weren't the only ones to go with a medal. I love browsing the vendors but never buy anything. The Hubs bought me a bracelet this year. Yeah, he's pretty awesome.

What we did in the CLE: North Coast Feis

If you ever have an opportunity to attend a feis or watch Irish dancing - do it. There are so many wildly talented individuals. And, those feet! They go so damn fast.

My kids have also inspired me to try a class!

I hear there is an adult class and my goal is to take a class before this year is out. I'm not sure if I will, but since there is a bar nearby, it's a definite possibility. I have to do one thing that scares me this year and this is certainly one that scares me!

What we did in the CLE: North Coast Feis

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