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Have You Read These, Yet? Vol. 8

Have You Read These, Yet? Vol. 8

34 books! 12002 number of pages. I hit my reading goal for the year. I have not read this much since I rode a bus to work.

My goal was 24 books. For 2019, I upped my goal to an even thirty.

The last five books I read in 2018 were a mixed bag. Two I absolutely adored, two were okay, and one I am not sure about.

Have you read these, yet?

Have you read these? In the Woods, Severance, Educated, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, and Sweet Little Lies

Sweet Little Lies 

Daddy's little girl becomes a cop, inspired by her father's actions and a secret she has kept. Not fully understanding the secret she was keeping, she has let it rule her life and memories. Sweet Little Lies is slow at first but certainly hooks you in and keeps you guessing in the best possible ways. The character grows and matures as she accepts her role in the mystery. And, she comes to understand fully what secrets were really hidden in her memories.

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

This is a remarkable book! Fresh and exciting telling of a mystery of global proportions. The commentary of how extremist groups take things too far is not lost nor overwhelmed the story. And the protagonist, April May, grows as a person while making mistakes and learning from them. Gives hope that humans can overcome our worse selves


This is so much more than a book. It's an opportunity to listen to another person tell her raw, personal story uninterrupted. Westover shares her history, doubts, and heartbreak in a way that draws you in as well as reassures you that it will be alright in the end. Until the end, you meet her bipolar survivalist father, passive mother (who is very savvy), an abusive brother, and a family that will seem unbelievable. Her successes, despite her upbringing, is hopeful.


Severance is a twenty-something's flashback critiquing the privilege, frivolous life of now while trying to find shelter with the remaining few people she's encountered fleeing New York. It ends abruptly so I'm going out on a limb and predicting a sequel book.

In the Woods

A murder mystery that wants to be a psychological thriller, but misses. In the Woods focuses on the lead detectives, mainly the detective who is hiding that he has a link to a case he was involved with as a child. The detective is on a self destruct path which affects the investigation and his relationships.

The murder mystery took second to the characters. Watching the lead detectives fall apart was the real story and kept me going. I did feel cheated not getting closure on the past case, but it also made me like the story more. I wish he would come back in a future book for redemption.

What's on your reading list this month? 
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