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What We Did Last Week: CLE at Christmas and the Winchester

There haven't been many opportunities that I would wear an ugly Christmas sweater. Holiday or no holiday. I didn't even own one for the annual holiday sweater brunch I host at work.

In fact, I didn't own one until this past week!

Thank you, Target Cartwheel and 40% off!

This past weekend, I sort of lived in mine.

Starting at the crack ass of dawn Saturday. I really wanted a Christmas photo downtown, with the lights, and us in holiday sweaters. The best time to do it is early in the morning. No one is there and it's dark enough to see the lights.

Was it cold, hell yes! But, the photos are charming! And, we stopped at the Cleveland script sign to do a family photo there, too!

Next up was Wintertide at Gordon Tide. Since I made the family get up early and venture into the chilly morning, they were not looking forward to leaving the house again to walk around outside some more.

Roasting marshmallows at Wintertide Gordon Square 

My sweet son was the only one game enough to go with me. And, we stayed long enough to drink some hot chocolate, toast some marshmallows, and listen to a few songs from the last band playing.

Sunday morning, I headed to the Winchester to meet with some PTA gals for brunch and bottomless mimosas.

We dressed in our Christmas best and settled in for drinks, food, and fun.

Sadly, the promise of bottomless mimosas (on the website, the Facebook menu, and the declaration on the bottom of the paper menu) was no longer. The chirpy server informed that we could order a bottle for $15.

The cost of bottomless mimosas.


We could have argued, but that's not very festive. Besides, who would take us seriously? We were dressed as rejected elves.

We had a good meal, lots of laughs, and memories that will last longer than the hangover.

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