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You Got This at Beachwood Place for Back-to-School

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You Got This at Beachwood Place for Back-to-School

Divide and conquer was our back-to-school shopping theme this year. Way less stressful!

My little fashionista went first. She went to town at Children's Place and Dillards. Check out her shopping spree!

Back-to-school look from Beachwood Place

Now, it's my no. 1 spawn's turn for shopping at Beachwood Place.

It seemed like just yesterday that he was heading off to kindergarten. This year, he's a teenager heading off to eighth grade.

In kindergarten, his t-shirts let everyone know that he was a LEGO fan and skinny jeans looked baggy on his skinny waist. Now, he leans towards solid colors and a relaxed fit.

Hello Bistro and BOMBA at Beachwood Place

The spawn and I returned to Beachwood Place for the Back-to-School Good Vibes event. Besides shopping, we tried small bites from BOMBA TACOS & RUM and Hello Bistro and tried our hands at lettering from Cat Coquillette.

Cat Coquillette lettering workshop at Beachwood

I found that shopping with my teen vastly different from shopping with my daughter. While she's always had an opinion on her clothes, he has discovered what he likes and no problem sharing his thoughts. And, he's no longer shopping in the young men's section.

I was not surprised when he wanted to check out the Gap. He's his father's son and the Gap generation expands to include this kid.

Generation Gap at Beachwood Place

He liked the classic t-shirt styles, the buttery soft feel of the fabric and muted colors spoke to him. His school uniform is jeans or shorts, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. These t-shirts will last him the year and perfect for layering.

Shopping at the Gap at Beachwood Place

Next up, shoes. He and his sister both wanted Vans so we headed to Journeys.

Let me just stop there. Vans and Gap t-shirts. If this is not a kid from 90's parents, I don't know what is.

Vans at Journeys Beachwood Place

He didn't need long to decided on a pair of shoes.

The hard part was deciding what color.

Beachwood Place and stylish teen for back-to-school

My daughter checked out their website and told me exactly what she wanted. She had her heart set on a style and color, but when I got them home we learned that they were too narrow. She was crushed.

We had already planned to go back to Beachwood Place to celebrate my son's birthday and we stopped by Journeys to see if we could exchange her shoes.

Vans kids at Beachwood Place

Both times, the staff at Journeys were brilliant. They helped my son get the right fit and when I showed up without the receipt, they didn't hesitate to exchange them for the right size.

Turns out, she just needed to go up a size to allow for her wide feet. The staff also shared with her that the more she wore them, the better they will fit.

While we waited for the saleswomen to find her size, she explored options as a backup and now I know what she might be getting next.

She left the store wearing her new kicks.

I've never been much of a mall shopper, but Beachwood Place changed my mind. Great shopping, kind employees, and beautiful place to usher the kids into a new school year.

You Got This at Beachwood Place

Beachwood Place is keeping the good vibes going with some great gifts with purchase!

Good Vibes at Beachwood Place

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