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Tacos, Rum, and a Monday Date Night at BOMBA Beachwood

Tacos, Rum, and a Monday Date Night at BOMBA Beachwood

Date night on a Monday night feels like such a guilty pleasure! Especially when your friend works for BOMBA and invites you to friends and family night before the grand opening of the Beachwood.

Lately, our date nights have been within walking distance of our home. Considering where we live, this is not a bad thing. There are several great restaurants in my area. But, there is something extra special about getting dressed up and going somewhere.

Date night at BOMBA Tacos and Rum!

I have never given much thought to rum, but let me tell you! Mojito is my new favorite drink!

BOMBA mojitos

The Hubs had the original - mint, rum, simple syrup. Mine is cucumber and lime. Refreshing is an understatement.

We were handed the Rum Bible. It is heavy! Everything you need to know about Spanish, French, and English rum is in it. It's also online if you want to peruse it before you go.

The restaurant is warm and inviting. Gorgeous colors and lovely wall murals are a feast for the eyes.

BOMBA Beachwood, Ohio

Romantic meets casual with cozy booths or seating for groups.

BOMBA Beachwood, Ohio

Suckers for cheese we started with the queso dip was a given. Poblanos, caramelized onions, hot sauce, cheese - heaven. Look at that yumminess!

Queso at BOMBA Beachwood

And, we tried the chicken empanadas. Perfectly fried, light and airy with a cilantro pesto dipping sauce. I could have easily had a whole meal of the empanadas but tacos were a calling.

Empanadas at BOMBA Beachwood

While I was digging the mojito, after browsing the rum bible I wanted to try something different with our tacos. I went with a BOMBA Rum Punch with Mt. Gay Black Barrel, Smith & Cross, and citrus liqueur.

Dinner at BOMBA Beachwood

The hubs tried the Dark & Stormy with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, ginger beer, and fresh lime.

Dark and stormy cocktail at BOMBA Beachwood

We didn't discuss our taco choices until they arrived so we inadvertently order six different tacos.

Tacos at BOMBA Beachwood

The downside is that when they arrived, while I was taking a photo he started eating. And, he had gotten my order. While I'm sure he had amazing tacos, I didn't want shrimp.

More tacos and at BOMBA Beachwood

He left me all but a bite of the Rio-Style Chicken (caramelized onions, plantain peanut crumbs, poblano peppers, cilantro aioli).  I'm not mad, two tacos were more than enough for me to eat!

I opted for a delightful and refreshing coconut mango rice as my side. 

Coconut and mango rice at BOMBA Beachwood

 Last but certainly not least - dessert! The options were churros or doughnuts. I was thumbing my nose at the idea of doughnuts until I learned they were margarita flavored with a lime flavored dipping sauce.

Margarita doughnuts at BOMBA Beachwood

Fresh, light, and airy. These doughnuts were the perfect end to a perfect evening. I'm so happy we had an opportunity to have a lovely dinner with lots of rum.

Us at BOMBA Beachwood

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