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Parade the Circle Photos, a Baby Shower, and Late Nights

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What a weekend! It took me two days to recover!

Our weekends are pretty laid back. Rarely are we on a tight schedule. But, here comes summer!

The best part of summer is all of the (mostly) free fun to be had in a short period of time! This past weekend was no different, except we split up. Seems like only yesterday that the kids didn't have an opinion on what or where they wanted to go. Now, they do. And, my daughter picked movies with her dad and my son and I headed east to see a parade.

I learned that my daughter hates parades. I actually don't believe her. I think she doesn't like parades that don't throw out candy. Especially if there is rain in the forecast. So, she went with the hubs to see the new Star Wars movie.

Parade the Circle for two, please.

Annual @ClevelandArt Parade the Circle fun

Annual @ClevelandArt Parade the Circle fun

Annual @ClevelandArt Parade the Circle 2018

Annual @ClevelandArt Parade the Circle 2018

Check out the 25th Anniversary Parade the Circle

Annual @ClevelandArt Parade the Circle 2018

Annual @ClevelandArt Parade the Circle 2018

Despite the threat, it never rained. At least not while we were at Wade Oval. We took some time to explore Circle Village featuring businesses, vendors, crafts, and food. My spawn was on the hunt for a food seller who took credit cards. I did not come prepared for how much he really wanted french fries.

We did bring water which we went through fairly quickly. All that walking was making us thirsty. We could have filled up our water bottles. But, I was determined to win a water bottle for each of us from Cleveland Water so we could have something better to refill.

Yes, @ClevelandWater, you are Erie-sistable #LakeErieLove

It was pretty easy. We each answered a question about water and now we have super awesome water bottles.

As we were leaving my kid finally spotted a vendor with a mobile phone. My savvy kid knew a vendor with a mobile phone in hand usually meant they would accept credit cards.

Annual @ClevelandArt Parade the Circle 2018

They were damn good fries.

In a few short weeks (or days), my baby brother and his wife will be welcoming their first baby to the world.

Baby shower excitement!

My brother is so excited! And, so is their Goddaughter.

Baby shower excitement!

As soon as I found out, I started planning what to give them for their shower.

Originally, I was going to make baby blankets. The receiving blankets I had gotten for my babies were always too small. My Aunt taught me to make easy blankets, but I changed my mind.

Instead, I bought a holiday outfit for the baby's first year. She is due after the Fourth of July, so I started with her first Thanksgiving outfit and ended with an outfit for the Fourth.

I also made a fiddle blanket. Actually, I made two blankets. One with some t-shirts that my brother gave me. And, one that is sweet and feminine. It may have been the largest on I attempted and it turned out so nicely!

And, I didn't take a photo. But, here is one I made for a friend.

Fun with sewing

Late night relaxing

Going to the movies, parades, fairs, church, and family gatherings make for a busy weekend. All of which is worth it, but so are the quiet moments when we can just be together. Awake or asleep.

How will you be spending summer weekends with family?

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