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Finding a Passion at Summer Camp?

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Finding a Passion at Lakewood Young Filmmakers Academy Summer Camp

My spawn has enjoyed making little videos since he could talk. In front of or behind the camera, made no difference to him as long as he created it.

The last few years, he's attempted stop-action shorts with his LEGO sets. Most recently he's been collecting StikBots and creating movies with the app. Trying to get him to focus on a hobby, we indulged him and helped to create a mini studio.

There is only so much youtube can teach a kid. And, it didn't take long for him to abandon his makeshift studio in favor of watching the videos that others made.

That's when I saw it - filmmaking camp right down the street! And, the movie they create will have a red carpet premiere at The Capitol Theater.

The Capitol Theater in Cleveland's Gordon District

This would be perfect for my kid. Now, having kids five years apart has made for some interesting compromises. Taking half days for two weeks because the youngest is not old enough for the camp and hated any other options was one of them. Worth it.

Of course, at the premiere, I found out she could have done it. And, she wants to attend almost certainly next year. Ask me how many times she's insisted on watching her big brother's movie!

#LKWDYFA campers DVD of final project

Campers were put into teams based on their interests during the two weeks at camp. The writers were the actors and the rest of the kids worked behind the scenes. All of the kids got to try most of the jobs.

#LKWDYFA kids hard at work

Every day he came home excited to go back the next day.  There was so much to learn. They even got to use real movie making equipment. This is leaps ahead of what he did in his studio.

Cleveland Camera Rental

They also learned about post-production like editing. He seemed to enjoy editing best out of the jobs he tried. And, what he learned he can use at home.

The camp itself has an interesting story. Created by a husband and wife team, they got the idea in April and opened for camp at the end of June. The premiere was July 6. This Fall they hope to offer classes.

A film school for kids would be such an amazing addition to our community. While we have plenty of great dance studios and theater opportunities as well as an award-winning school-wide music program, visual arts are lacking. Well, until high school that is.

Family at the #LKWDYFA premier
via Lakewood Young Filmmakers Academy

Plus, what parent doesn't want to walk the red carpet with their star.

For more info about Lakewood Young Filmmakers Academy follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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