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Bowl'd Away by Stouffer's New Fit Kitchen Meals

I've received samples of Stouffer's new FitKitchen Bowls to facilitate this review. I have not been compensated.
Bowl'd Away by Stouffer's New Fit Kitchen Meals

Summer is my favorite time of year. Sunshine, swimming, ice cream, and late bed times.

While the school year is hectic, it's predictable. We are on a schedule. In the summer, all that is out the window. We are busy but in a whole different way. Instead of doing homework when I get home from work, we are off to the pool or the park. Dinner is an after thought for me. I need something fast and something that will keep me going.

Pizza in the summer

The kids may have eaten already or they may have grazed all day and could care less about dinner. Other days, they are hungry and want to chow down. I'm always hungry when I get home. If we have plans, sometimes I grab something fast or we eat out. If we are just hanging out at home, dinner is pretty casual.

Ice cream at Edgewater Beach House

On top of all this, I sometimes should not be eating what the kids are eating.

I love me some pizza, but my hips disagree. Same with hot dogs and pretty much anything with bread. I would rather have ice cream for dessert so I try to be deliberate with my choices. This way I can stay on track with my healthy eating goals, but not feel deprived.

FitKitchen Bowls

Stouffer's FitKitchen Bowls

Stouffer's recently asked if I would like to try their new FitKitchen bowls.

I reluctantly said yes.

Not because I don't like Stouffer's. I have very fond memories of going to the Stouffer's warehouse to shop with my mom as a kid. My mom made a mean creamed chipped beef and toast. And, my kids devour Stouffer's french bread pizza and the lasagna.

I'm just not a fan of "healthy" frozen meals.

Stouffer's New Fit Kitchen Sweet and Spicy Meatballs

Healthy frozen meals never seem to have enough substance for me. It's not even the meat, it's the veggies. I want a ton of veggies. I usually end up adding veggies to frozen meals to bulk up the meal.

Stouffer's FitKitchen Bowls are not like other frozen dinners.  

Stouffer's New FitKitchen Sweet and Spicy Meatballs

These bowls are filling and satisfying! There is a ton of protein in each bowl of wholesome nutrition. I still would like to have way more veggies in my bowl. But, each of the bowls I tried had just enough of everything to taste good and leave me feeling full.

I'm surprised by how filling and tasty the Sweet and Spicy Meatballs turned out. I could taste the sriracha and even the ginger! Plus, the meatballs were a good side and more than I expected. Beef and Broccoli was beefy with nice big pieces of broccoli. The quinoa in both bowls is such an improvement to rice.

My Hubs took the Chicken and Cashews and has since added it to the shopping list.

I can't wait to try all of the bowls!

Find out if these are in a store near you. 

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