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What You Need to Have on Your Summer Adventures

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What You Need to Have on Your Summer Adventures

I love our local pool!

It's more than a place to beat the heat. It's a place to meet up with friends, catch up on reading, and just relax. As a bonus, our local pool is in walking distance and we pass several eateries on the way to the park.

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The best part? I don't have to watch them every second. I don't even have to get into the pool if I don't want too. They can play and frolic in the water with their friends and I can watch from a distance.

i bought whipped cream

All I need is a bottle of water (or disguised beverage of choice), a book, and whatever I packed in our adventure bag.

I was never one to carry a diaper bag, but my around town bag is a whole other story. The bag only has what we need for success. Or, to stave off boredom.

Hanging at the pool

Now that the kids are older, they have opinions on what I should carry in the bag. Some are good suggestions, while others not so much. In other words, a big yes for a deck of cards while bringing the cat along to the pool was a no. Just because my bag is big enough does not mean I should bring it.

Rocks at Edgewater Park

Our bag has even made the trip to Cedar Point and Kings Island. It's funny how I avoided a diaper bag but embrace it now. Thank good I don't have to deal with diapers anymore.

The beaches of Cedar Point

Take a look at our trip to Cedar Point's Breakers Hotel and Cedar Point as well as our first trip to Kings Island.
I keep our bag packed and ready to go. It goes with us to the pool, the park, the beach, the drive-in, and pretty much anywhere we know we might need something from it.

As for what to keep in your bag, that is really up to you. My best advice is to keep it simple. Here are a few ideas to help get you started. I don't include towels or changes of clothing, but I assure you that they are there for me. Kids carry their own bags.

What You Need to Have on Your Summer Adventures #SummerintheCity

What You Need to Have on Your Summer Adventures

1. A big, waterproof bag.
Your bag should be big enough to carry everything and waterproof. My favorite bag is washable. Plus it has a handy coin purse attached that's big enough for my phone and keys.

2. First Aid Kit
Bandaids and antibacterial creme are a summer must.

3. Flashlight
It may seem strange to have a flashlight for day trips until your keys fall under your car.

4. Deck of cards 
The best portable game ever. Versatile and easy to carry.

5. Compact blanket
Sometimes there isn't any place to sit.

6. Sunscreen and bug spray

7. A flask
There are some really clever disguised ones. My favorite is the one that looks like an ice pack!

8. A good book
Sure a portable charger would be more practical in case your device dies, but what is that?

9. Tissues and or baby wipes
I swear, I will never get away from needing baby wipes

10. Collapsible water bottles
I fill them up before we go and the don't take up much room.

What's in your bag?

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