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Irish Comfort Food + Storytelling at the MusicBox Supper Club

Irish Comfort Food + Storytelling at the MusicBox Supper Club

I spent my twenties working on the West Bank of the Flats in Cleveland, Ohio. Well, most of my twenties. I ended my hospitality career on the other side of the river.

Now, I get to scope out restaurants to plan a dinner for my day job. This is the third year and I'm going back to my roots. Well, sort of, my old night club is now the Music Box Supper Club. The hubs and I went on Wednesday night to see the space and have dinner.

Gone is the water fountain that was in the circular driveway. Gone is the Panini's restaurant in the basement. Gone is the dance floor and the DJ booth. Even my office is gone. It's an elevator.

In its place, a really beautiful club and restaurant. In the late 90s, the place to be was on the dance floor on the second floor. Now, when you walk in you can upstairs to the concert hall or straight into the Rusty Anchor.

MusicBox Supper Club stairs to Concert Hall
I can't tell you how many guys I watched roll down those stairs.
The concert hall looks intimate on what was once the dance floor. All seats have a perfect view of the stage. Only one bar remains in the back along the windows.

MusicBox Supper Club riverview

The panoramic view of the river hasn't changed and is breathtaking for this Cleveland gal. The last time I looked out these windows, they had just demolished several restaurants. Now, you can look out over the river on to the brand new East Bank of the Flats.

MusicBox Supper Club more riverview

Of course, the Rusty Anchor restaurant on the first floor has this view, too.

MusicBox Supper Club Rusty Anchor

We happen to go on a Wednesday. The Music Box hosts a Storyteller series. This night was dedicated to Eliot Ness as told by Rebecca McFarland. Rebecca McFarland is fourth-generation Clevelander and an expert on Eliot Ness. McFarland shared the not so secret, secrets of this fascinating man.

Besides the show, Chef Dennis plans a prefixed menu to accompany the show. The menu for this show was corned beef and cabbage soup, Eliot Ness braised short rib and a (mini) Guinness float.

MusicBox Supper Club | Corned beef and cabbage soup

I'm on a soup kick so my favorite meal as a soup was everything I hoped it would be. The corned beef was so tender and not too salty. And, look at that piece of carrot!

My husband went for the burger and lobster bisque soup.

MusicBox Supper Club | soup

The puff pastry on top of the soup was perfect. I wish I had a picture of it. Flaky, buttery, and so light. Hidden underneath was an amazing, velvety soup that made my mouth so happy. He enjoyed it a little too much. I swear if it was a woman - I would be mad.

Our reservation was at 5 PM and the restaurant filled up pretty fast. My only minor complaint was how meals came out of the kitchen. It seems my husband's burger came from a different area than my meal. The food runner dropped off his burger and said something about my meal coming out shortly.

Waiting at MusicBox Supper Club

I helped myself to some of his fries, which were pretty fantastic fries, and waited. The hubs showed some serious restraint. It took some time for my meal to be brought when our server finally noticed that I didn't get my dinner

I don't think it was the server's fault. He was quite nice and it was busy.

MusicBox Supper Club | braised short rib

The short ribs were worth the wait. Every bite melted in my mouth. The sauce was robust, not too rich. The beans were crisp and the mash potatoes were whipped nicely.

I think we'll return for a storyteller night and I'm not afraid to admit that it will be based on the menu for the performance.

I'm also looking forward to seeing Candlebox for our anniversary. So, excited!

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