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How Being Good to Me is Making Me a Better Person

I'm happy.

But, life is pretty okay right now.

We have a few black clouds overhead, but nothing that seems impossible. Never ending, but not impossible.

I feel good. For the most part. I feel stronger than I have in months, there is a lightness in my step and nothing seems impossible. The kids are doing okay in school. Even the Hubs and I are getting more alone time. Date nights are a thing!

So, I decided to work on me.

Funny how I had to make a conscious decision to do things to make me feel good.

I started small. Okay, a really big step for me. I joined the YMCA a few months ago. And, I go at least four days a week. It started as a writing gig back in April, but I'm still going.

You may know that I'm working on going from #FattoFit so eating better goes hand in hand with working out. I even invested in some cute headbands. It's the details!

Next, I splurged and bought a great foundation from Lush. I may not do a full face, but I'll have a great base.

By chance, I won a gift basket full of Perfectly Posh products. I went from making my own face cleanser to becoming an independent consultant. Yes, I made my own face cleanser, but it's messy. My face and chest were breaking out like I was in high school, I was desperate. Posh products took care of all my issues and I don't have to make it anymore.

Then, a Jamberry party popped up on my Facebook invites. Okay, I we get added all the time, but this time, I bought a set. I hate painting my nails. I hate the upkeep. I hate that they chip five minutes after I get them done. But, my husband loves the way they look.

Now that my skin is glowing and my nails look cute, I needed new shoes. I have big feet. I resisted the urge to be completely practical and comfortable and bought a pair of cute boots. And, of course, a practical pair, they were buy one get one at half off after all.

I still have a few 'me' things to check off my list, but I started.

The thing is, the more I feel good, the more I want to share this feeling. It's addictive. I want everyone to feel happy and thankful to be on this gorgeous planet.

I hope you do something truly marvelous just for you today.

How have you spent time on you, today? 

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