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What 19 Pounds Means to Me

What 19 Pounds Means to Me #FattoFitCLE
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Over 100 days since committing to #FattoFitCLE and for awhile, I was getting a bit discouraged.

The scale wouldn't budge!

Frustration does not begin to explain the feelings I was feeling. Anger, disappointment, despair, and bitterness were a few.

I feel great. I even feel stronger. So why, why wasn't the scale showing some sort of movement?

That's when I reached for the measuring tape. At the start of The Real You Program at the YMCA, I was measured. In fact, I was measured before, in the middle, and at the end of the program. Why wasn't I doing it now?

Don't let the scale dictate your progress #FattoFit

3.5 inches. I lost 3.5 inches from my waist and bust plus 4.2 inches from my hips.

Then it happened. Finally, a loss on the scale!

MFP progress photo

So, what do 19 pounds mean to me?

Those who are close to me now see a difference

The equivalent of 431 sushi rolls

43 vinyl records

3 billion grains of sands

I feel better in my bathing suit

15 basketballs (not that I ever played)

Watch 19 cute gerbils...

...on 12 iPads or 27 Kindle Fire tablets

If I was made of water, I would have lost 172,336 droplets

287 white roses (my favorite)

a 108-liter mojito - that's 114 of these with no rum!
mojito mix

110, 472 bees. That's almost 5 jars of honey.

16 Starbuck trenta cold brews

12 Darth Vader masks or

17 of these bad boys
Chewy mask

65 (empty) school bags

14 pairs of cute shoes

19 pounds means that I only have 65 pounds until my goal

From start to now #FattoFitCLE

How do you measure success when trying to lose weight? 

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