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Summer Moments of 2016

iNeed a Playdate's Summer Moments of 2016

I can't believe that school is back in session and summer is over!

I'm choking back tears just thinking about all the things we didn't get a chance to do! All those missed beach days due to rain. It can't be time to put away the flip flops, yet. How about all those lightning bugs that need taming? Oh! And, The unfinished ice cream scavenger hunt! Ugh!

Okay. So, we can have ice cream in the fall (winter and spring). Ohioans will wear shorts until the first snowfall, but summer is gone!

Here are a few of the wonderful memories we created this summer in Ohio.

There was that day we went to Kings Island and it rained.

There was that day we went to Kings Island and it rained. #eatplaylivecle

And, on the way back home we stopped at Grandpa's Cheese Barn!

Then there was Parade the Circle! A yearly must for our family.

Followed by a few afternoons exploring the Cleveland Art Museum and the new children's area.

Exploring the Cleveland Museum of Art children's area #eatplaylivecle

Side note: I hate it. It's all technology based and not enough to accommodate the kids. Bring back the hands on stuff! It looks cool, but it gets old quickly when you have to fight another parent who won't let other kids have a turn after an hour.

There was ice cream to be tried.

And, ice cream to be made at Piccadilly Artisan Creamery...

Piccadilly Artisan Creamery.

There was even that time I was on TV making root beer floats!

That time I was on TV making root beer floats! #eatplaylivecle

We went to a few fairs and festivals!

Akron Heritage Duck Tape Festival

Akron Heritage Duck Tape Festival

The Pizza Festival

The Pizza Festival

One of the many Italian Festivals in NEO.

And, the Cuyahoga County Fair!

I watched the Cavs' victory parade from a rooftop.

And, the kids and I enjoyed a free scope from Mitchell's followed a few weeks later by a tasting tour at the Ohio City flagship. It's where all the magic happens!

Oh, the fun we had cooling off!

There were beach days...

Beach days

And, days by the pool...

Hanging at the pool

There was even an evening visit to Public Square's splash pad.

Public Square's splash pad!

And, come winter it will be an ice skating rink.

Check out all this green space across from the splash pad!

Cleveland became home to animals and bugs in sculpture form.

And a few of these iconic sculptures went up around town. We found two of the three.


There was even a trip to the drive-in (or two).

And, we ended our summer with a howl and an over night stay at Great Wolf lodge

Oh, why does summer have to end?

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