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My Must Have Favorites from July

My Must Have Favorites from July
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Oh, July! Oh, how I enjoyed your hot weather, the RNC departing CLE, and all of the precious moments we shared.

Here are just a few things I tried and loved while visiting the month of July.


My Must Have Favorites from July - Roadies

I love, love, love the new show Roadies. Okay, so it came out June 29, but I started watching in July and I can't get enough of it. As a bonus, we've been watching it with Amazon's SHOWTIME Free Trial. We are keeping the Showtime subscription after the free trial and Amazon also offers STARZ, SEESO and more.

I don't know much about the band, but the roadies, the roadies are a rich, diverse group of people. Even Machine Gun Kelly is very cool. They are all so clever and interesting with stories that can break your heart or make you laugh. 

And, the music. The music! So many freakin' amazing songs for the "Song of the Day" like Son of a Preacher Man, I Can't Make You Love Me, and an acoustic version of Bleed to Love Her.

Plus, the guest spots! Lindsey Buckingham, John Cougar, and Jim James singing They Are All in Love. 

Amazon Fire TV Stick 

A few years ago, I got our family addicted to Roku. It started with the streaming stick and we have purchased three more. The Roku streaming stick is horrible. I was able to get the remote to pair to the TV long enough to program it and it never worked again. I even tried going through Roku support and after a week of back and forth, they reluctantly sent me a new remote. It. Never. Worked. On top of that, customer service is terrible. 

Fun fact: without the remote, you can't set up the streaming stick. So, when you change your Wifi router, you are screwed. I decided to give Amazon's Fire Stick ago and it's fantastic. Easy to set up and there is even an app for your phone. 

Project 7 Gum

My Must Have Favorites from July - Project 7 Gum

I've been craving sweets like a pregnant woman and Project 7's birthday cake flavor and the build your own key lime pie have saved my life. Maybe my marriage.

Instant Coffee Iced Coffee

My Must Have Favorites from July - Instant Coffee Iced Coffee

My in-laws do not drink coffee. I, on the other hand, drink coffee like a Gilmore girl. What to do when you spend a weekend at their home in GA? Nowhere near a coffee shop? Bring instant along, even on the plane.

Know what else I found? Regular instant coffee works great with cold water for the perfect black, unsweetened iced coffee. Sure you could add sweetener, milk, cream, or coconut water but why? My point - no need to spend more on 'instant ice coffee' at the store. Buy the regular instant coffee and add cold water!

Bonus: bring an empty water bottle through airport security and you don't have to pay for overpriced coffee (unless you want too)!

Graze (again)

My Must Have Favorites from July - Graze

I've mentioned Graze in another top five, but that was before you can pick different types of boxes!

Graze boxes

I'm all about the Sweet Treat Box right now and the deconstructed carrot cake and honeycomb flapjack! I can't get enough of these snacks. Perfectly portioned so I'm not going overboard with snacking.

What are your top faves for July?

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