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Dear Tourist...

Dear Tourists to Our Fine City #eatplaylivecle

Dear Tourist -

Thank you so much for coming to our city! We are glad to have you. Since our city is not a typical tourist stop I feel that makes you a kindred spirit.

Our city has had some hard times and some hard-won victories! This has made our skins thick, but our pride even thicker.

Cleveland Skyline #FlockCLE

Here are some things to keep in mind as you stroll down the streets and look out onto the lake.

Our city has never looked better! Some may say that it's only because of our guests, but it's not. As far as big cities go, ours is not a big city, but this also means that it's easier to keep clean.

As you stroll down the street with your family and fellow travelers, please don't do so four or five deep. Some of us are trying to get back to work or are off to lunch. Trying to maneuver around you, the stroller, your darling children, and the rest of the herd can be difficult.

North Coast Harbor

We have a slew of museums and parks all around the city! This is where I can help! I have a calendar of events and a list of fun boredom busters to do in and around the city.

Hello, Cleveland! #thisiscle

Finally, I hope that while you were in our city you did what you wanted to do and saw what you wanted to see. I also hope that your travel home is as safe as your stay in our city was.

Kind regards,


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