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Kings Island, Soak City + Rain: 6 Things to Do Before You Go

6 Things to do Before Going to Kings Island #KIFirstTime
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Kings Island. I have a vague memory of us going as kids and having a ton of fun. I could also be remembering a rerun of the Banana Splits. Tra la la. I couldn't wait to take my kids!

The kids and I drove to Cincinnati to ride the rides, see Snoopy, and take a Tropical Plunge. The drive from Cleveland was only three hours. Funny how some places seem so far away when in actuality it's just a tank of gas away.

We arrived just after lunch and wasted no time getting on rides. I brought along the kids' teenage cousin so I could also ride some rides. She and I took turns with RD, my soon-to-be-first-grader. One would hang out with her, while the other went on the bigger rides with my other Spawn.

Red Baron  #KIFirstTime

Our plan was simple. Ride some rides, take a break for some of their famous bright blue, blueberry ice cream and head to Soak City. I wish I could say that we raced down one of the six different water slides in the all new Tropical Plunge. It's nearly seven stories high!

We did not get to climb inside an Aqua-Launch chamber. The floor did not drop out from underneath our feet shooting us into an almost vertical free fall towards flat loops and curves.

We also did not get to try the dueling tube slides that are 337 feet long nor the slide with four 360-degree loops across 449 feet of slide.

Soak City took on a whole new meaning for our trip to Kings Island. Before we could get to ride a waterslide, the sky opened up and poured rain.


Sure, not what we expected, but many of the rides in Snoopy Planet did not stop for the rain. Since I was already soaked - I agreed to Race for Your Life water ride. It was so much fun, I got the photo!

Race for Your Life Water Ride  #KIFirstTime

Our after picture Race for Your Life  #KIFirstTime

And, most of the rides at Snoopy Planet accommodate adults! My son, who is not a big thrill fan, could ride the rides with his sister. Actually, I could ride some of the rides, too. Three words about Linus' Launch - Dizzy. As. Heck.

Planet Snoopy's Space Buggies  #KIFirstTime

Kite Eating Tree  #KIFirstTime

Linus' Launcher  #KIFirstTime

Surf Dog #KIFirstTime

I had come prepared for the rain. Every time we go to Cedar Point or Wild Water Kingdom, it rains. I had parkas at the ready! When the rain came, those came out and when the rain stopped I stuffed them back into my bag. They had to come out again.

The key is to try and wait out the rain. More often than not, the rain will stop. By the third downpour, we were ready to call it. But, no one felt cheated and everyone got souvenirs.

6 Things to Do Before You Get to Kings Island

Kings Island, Soak City + Rain: 6 Things to Do Before You Go

Buy a parking pass online 

And, kick in the $5 for preferred parking. Yes, $20 is a lot for parking, but you have to pay to park so park as close as you can.

While buying your pass, buy the souvenir cup

If you plan on drinking soda or what not at the park, it's cheaper to get it ahead of time. It also came in handy when we just wanted to drink water. I only bought one - we all shared. Did I mention the free refills?

Spring for the FunPix

Cameras are everywhere and for what I spent on the two photos I took home, I should have just bought the FunPix.

Download the Kings Island app

Not only did it have a map to get you to rides, the app also told you which rides closed due to the rain. It really helped to navigate the park.

Buy rain parkas

Get the ones that folded so tight you can't imagine how it would be big enough for an adult. They are big enough and you have room. You will thank me later.

Check out the website for special days and offers

When we went there was a Food Truck Festival! See what's playing in Soak City's 'Dive-In' theater and Buy a Weekday Saver Admission ticket online, visit during the week and save $21!

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