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On a (Scavenger) Hunt for Ice Cream {free printable, too}

On a (Scavenger) Hunt for Ice Cream {free printable, too}

I love ice cream. I mean I r-e-a-l-l-y love ice cream. I had no idea just how much until the first time I cut carbs from my diet.

The harder I try to resist the call to that sweet summer treat, the more I want it. I give in. I will not deny myself. I just won't over indulge. 

Northeast Ohio has some amazing ice cream stores. I decided that we, as a family, should try as many as we can. (Find them on my Foursquare list!)

Northeast Ohio ice cream scavenger hunt #icecreamhunt16
Download the list for Northeast Ohio ice cream shops.
This will be so much fun!  Have I mentioned how much I love ice cream?

Ice cream scavenger hunt - general list #icecreamhunt16
Download the ice cream scavenger hunt. I promise it's fun.
I realize that not everyone who reads this lives in Northeast Ohio, so I created a scavenger hunt! The kids and I have already started on both of them. The little boxes are big enough to put the date of your visit. Won't this be the best tasting scavenger hunt! 

Working on our ice cream scavenger hunt

I know, for someone watching (and recording) everything eaten this may seem like setting myself up for failure. I'm not. I'm limiting myself to a scoop. Just a scoop from each place. Except Menchies and only if they have the low carb, sugar-free ice coffee flavor. See! Rules. I have rules. 

The second list is more for the kids than me. But, I have ticked a few off the list. If buying counts. And, I did have a Fudgesicle, frozen yogurt, and a sundae with hot fudge. I recorded every single bite. 

Ice cream truck

I also have a link to canva so you can add your own favorite ice cream shops

Fill in your own favorite ice cream shop #icecreamhunt16

I think I have officially out-geeked myself - over ice cream! 

Incredible Ice Cream In Northeast Ohio

22 places including Sweet Moses, Malley's Chocolates, Menchie's Frozen Yogurt and Mason's Creamery

Incredible Ice Cream in Northeast Ohio

Do you have a favorite ice cream shop?

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