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Gordmans has Affordable Winter Essentials You'll Love

Gordmans has Affordable Winter Essentials You'll Love
I've received a gift card to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own. 

Winter in Northeast Ohio can be very interesting. One minute it's sunny, but if you wait five minutes then it will be snowing.

When I think of winter essentials, I think of warmth and comfort for the whole family. And, I need to stay in my budget with clothes that are functional and fashionable. Lucky for Northeast Ohio, Gordmans has arrived with a huge selection of affordable, good looking ways to stay warmed and entertained.

Is it Cold, Yet?

Blankets and pet beds at Gordmans

As soon as the temperature starts to drop, we don't turn the furnace on, yet. We grab an extra blanket and make sure the cat's bed is fresh and clean.

Bedding at Gordmans

Winter is also the perfect time to update the bedrooms with a new comforter and sheets. The only problem is deciding which one to pick.

Shop from the comfort of home - gordmans.com

Dressing for the Outside

Coats for girls at Gordmans

When the temp drops to about 35 degrees, Clevelanders finally put away their shorts and break out their winter coats to wear over their sweatshirts.

My cold weather wear is generally a pair of gloves and a hat, but I found a great coat. I even found a hoodie for when I'm around the house for added warmth. The kids, on the other hand, must walk to school so making sure that they are bundled up is crucial.

Women's outerwear at Gordmans

Thanks to a growth spurt, my little one needed a new coat. Buying for her can be a challenge because she has conditions when it comes to what she will wear. Actually, she just has one condition, it has to be pink or have a lot of pink in it. Gordmans had the perfect coat and in the perfect shade of pink; at a good price, I could not pass up.

Football is in fashion all year long in Cleveland, but finding shirts or sweatshirts I would want to wear is not easy. Gordmans has a great line of soft, comfortable clothes for women and men.

Browns' wear at Gordmans

Boots on the Ground

Men's, Ladies', and kids' shoes at Gordmans

Warm socks and dry boots are a given in cold weather. Gordmans' selection rivals any department store, but with far better savings. Thermal tights, leg warmers, socks, and boots - everything your family needs to stay dry and warm.

tights, leg warmers, and socks at Gordmans

Hunkering Down for the Winter

Crafts and games at Gordmans

There are so many wonderful things to do in Northeast Ohio in the winter, but there will be days (and weekends) when staying in is a far better choice. Being stuck inside does not have to be boring! Gordmans has plenty of games and crafts to pick from that will entertain for hours.

Inside or outside, what we wear is important but having something warm to drink is especially nice. Gordmans is the place for Keurig coffee refills at great prices plus the cutest mugs and cups to drink from on cold days.

Snacks and coffee at Gordmans

Leaving the house for your favorite snacks is not a problem when you see what fun kitchen gadgets are in the housewares department.

Start Planning Ahead

Valentines day, St. Patrick's day, and Easter at Gordmans

There will be some truly dreary days, but if you stock up now for the upcoming holidays you and your family will be able to bring some color into your home when everything is dead and white outside.

What's on your winter essential list?

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