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My Soundtrack in 8 Songs

My Soundtrack in 8 Songs

If your life had a soundtrack - what would be on it?

Sounds simple enough. Pick a few songs that describe your life and call it a day. I thought it would be more interesting (and easier) to use my "online" name - mryjhnsn.

MryJhnsn is how you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you get the idea. It's how I see myself on line. It makes sense really to build a soundtrack from it.

My Soundtrack in 8 Songs I mryjhnsn

M - Mama You've Been on My Mind

I've loved this song for so long but it's taken on a different sort of meaning since my mom died. I know this song is about love lost but I can also hear my complicated relationship with my mom in the lines.

I miss my mom, but she was in so much pain before she died that when I sing along to these lyrics -
Where you been don't bother me nor bring me down in sorrow
It don't even matter to me where you're wakin' up tomorrow
I know she is where she should be and no longer in pain

R - Radar Love

I have a man who always knows when I need him, this suits us perfectly.

Y - You Can Leave Your Hat On

It's sexy and when I'm not feeling it, this will put me in the mood. Talk about over-sharing!

J - Just Like a Woman

The joy and curse of being a woman is our inner strength but that does not make us unbreakable.

H - Here Comes the Sun

Pure joy to hear, especially to hear from little ones.

N - Night in My Veins

This song reminds me of my youth and that I can still feel young.

S - Say Something

Marriage is hard but with the right person, there is always something to say and keep saying until it;s heard.

N - I Need You

Cheating a bit here but, I have two "Ns" in my name and need is a really good "N" word. Plus this is the most romantic song of all time.

What songs will be on your list? 

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