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Penguin Shores Meets Cleveland Shores at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Penguin Shores at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo |
The Zoo is free on Mondays but we were provided tickets to the Rainforest by Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Opinions are all our own. 

There are very few things that the kids and I agree on but one is our love of penguins. From the ones that ended up in Madagascar to the ones with happy feet, we just can't get enough!

Lucky for us, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has brought Penguin Shores to the zoo this past weekend.
"The penguin exhibit, designed by Virginia-based Animal Interaction Design Group, in partnership with Cleveland Metroparks Exhibits team, is slated to run through mid-September. The special exhibit houses six African black-footed penguins and will be free with regular Zoo admission. It features naturalistic rock work with nest boxes, ledges and irregular surfaces, and a pool for swimming. Guests will be able to learn about penguins in the wild and conservation efforts under way to help them." source
The last time penguins were at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo we saw penguins in a mixed-species exhibit at the Birds of the World building which included humboldt, macaroni and king penguins. The king penguins were the last species to leave the Zoo in 2002. 

Penguin Shores Exhibit with African penguins |

Penguin Shores features endangered African black-footed penguins which are native to the rocky coastline and islands of South Africa. This exhibit is unique in that it does not alter current exhibits but sets up independently and is located in the Northern Trek, not far from the sea lions.

Signs pointing to Penguin Shores |

The kids and I made a game of trying to find all of the signs pointing the way to the exhibit and learning about the penguins.

7 Facts from Penguin Shores at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo |

I could have stood at the window for hours watching the penguins socialize with each other and just do what penguins do. I have never been so close to a penguin before and I just wanted to touch them but the thick glass prevented me from doing so. Yes, I realize that I sound like the crazy.

Penguin Shores |

Penguin Shores is included with the price of admission and of course the zoo is free on Mondays all year round (unless it's a holiday). 

The penguins were just one stop on our tour of the Zoo and since it was raining we took shelter in the Rain Forest Exhibit.

The Rainforest at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo |

We spent two hours looking, reading, and waiting. Waiting for the tropical rainstorm exhibit to rain with thunder and lightning effects. He loves to listen for the weather forecast and my little one loves to watch the porcupines scatter.

No trip to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is complete without a trip on the Circle of Wildlife Carousel.

Circle of Wildlife Carousel |

Or, Elephant Crossing...

And, the giraffes!

giraffes at cleveland metroparks zoo |

What is your favorite exhibit at your Zoo?

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