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Summer Stylin' from Gordmans Department Store + Exclusive 20% off Coupon for You!

Summer Stylin' from Gordmans Department Store + Exclusive Coupon!
 I received products in exchange for this review. Opinions are my own.

Shopping for clothes, for myself, is a chore. I would rather shop online. At least that was the case until my recent trip to Gordmans Department Store.

Gordmans recently opened two locations in Northeast Ohio - Mentor and Aurora. When asked if I wanted to visit I was pretty sceptical, both stores are an hour from me.

100 Years Gordmans Department Store

Drive an hour, to shop?

I'd drive an hour to shop at a festival or go to a museum but shopping, for me?

I browsed their website and you can't buy anything online!

There were things I wanted, at reasonable prices!

The next thing I knew I was bribing the kids with false promises to get in the car so I could go shopping. 

Patio Set at a Great Price! | @Gordmans | #SummerFashion

First off, Gordmans is not your typical department store. The floors are concrete! I love the love the look of the store - casual and no elevator music. Also, there are salespeople everywhere but no one bothered me unless I asked.

Brand new Mentor @Gordmans | #SummerFashion

When I did have to ask for help, nobody seemed put off or unhelpful and they were sweet to the kids. Especially when the little one threw a temper tantrum because she wanted to buy a belt. She hates wearing jeans. Why a belt for peets sake???

Helpful salespeople | @Gordmans | #SummerFashion

I was on a mission to find some outfits, for me, for summer, but I could not find the women's section.

Misses - check. Juniors - check. Girls - check.

Where the frick was I supposed to find these plus size deals?

Junior and Misses Plus | @Gordmans | #SummerFashion
Could the sign be any bigger??
As it turns out, misses and juniors describe a state of mind and both departments have plus size clothing. Since I was looking for blouses and skirts I can tell you that they only go up to 3x which is a shame because the clothes are stylish and affordable.

I discovered to my absolute delight that bohemian is back in style. Not that it ever really goes out of style and Gordmans' has so many great styles!

Cute summer outfits | @Gordmans | #SummerFashion

I found three great tops and a maxi skirt for $44.96.  That could have easily been $100 anywhere else. I also found a new purse that I love, super soft fake leather with crochet lace. 

I let baby girl pick out a purse, a pair of sandals, and Frozen ankle socks. My son got candy, he was not feeling the need to shop.

Girls | @Gordmans | #SummerFashion

All in all I spent $110 after using this 20% off coupon on one item which happened to be the purse. The most expensive thing I bought. 

I can't lie reader, I really dig Gordmans and worth the drive from wherever you are. 

Here's a deal for you! 20% off a single item until May 2, 2015. 

TIP: Sign up for their savings card while in line and they will email you another coupon!

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