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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for a Frozen Princess Party

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for a Frozen Princess Party -
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I love celebrating the kid's birthdays with a party and sometimes a follow up dinner with family. 

I enjoy the planning and executing, and yes, praise for the job well done. I also have a formula for party planning, be it princess or tornado.

What's fitting for a five year old? A Frozen themed birthday party, of course.

Very similar to the generic princess theme we did last year but different in the sense that it is Elsa and Anna. That is a very important distinction (or so I'm told).

I put more effort into last year's party than probably any other party we've done for the kids and not because it was a princess party but, it was the first party, not in our home, that did not have built in entertainment like jumping on inflatables or trampolines.

This year I planned to make it easy, breezy and take Elsa's advice and "Let It Go." It being any and all expectations.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for a Frozen Princess Party  (or any party really)

1. Location

My ideal location is anywhere that is not my house. Sure, I've had two parties at my house for my son and it was fun but I don't feel my house will ever be clean enough for other moms.

I like locations that clean-up and serve. Yes, there is more of a price tag, but it saves me time in the long run that I can enjoy the party. Plus, we have a small house and want the kids to enjoy themselves.
Location - Malley's Cleveland Ohio
photo credit: Picturologist

Our choice is the same as last year. Not only do the kids love it, it's a neighborhood staple, and it's cheap to host a party. Plus, ice cream! We just bring the cake.

2. Invites

Invites for Frozen Birthday party -
Free printable! Edit it, print it, or use it to make your own.

I love designing invites for the kids. I think they are more personal and I get to be creative. That is me and store bought invites are just as exciting to any kid when they open it to see that they are invited to a party!

3. Minimal decorations

Minimal decorations -
photo credit: Picturologist

I am not a fan of balloons. I've used them, I just don't go out of my way to get them anymore. It never fails that someone will leave in tears because of a popped, missing, or let go of a balloon.

Pretty tablecloths, streamers, and cute centerpieces can set the tone without going overboard. Plus, too much just gets in the way of kids playing.

4. Cake

This is the first year in some time that I did not make the cake. I love to make the cake and will plan the cake out months in advance.

This year, my oven broke. Thankfully, I have a wonderful friend who not only baked the cake, but made the cake better than I probably would have done.

5. Craft

Crafty princess -
photo credit: Picturologist

What's that saying about busy hands keep kids from getting into trouble?

We hired entertainment this year but even when you are at home or somewhere with built in entertainment, having an easy craft to whip out keeps hands busy and out of trouble. As a bonus, the kids get an extra goody to take home.

6. Entertainment

Practically Perfect Entertainment
photo credit: Picturologist

The best parties have some sort of entertainment that all can participate.

When I had a Cars party for my son I drew a race track in our driveway and had all of the riding toys out and for our princess party last year, the craft was our entertainment because it was a princess in a box kit that we made with the girls. With other parties, the inflatables or trampolines were the entertainment. I personally prefer the ones where I can just watch.

Practically Perfect Entertainment Elsa -
photo credit: Picturologist
We hired entertainment this year and it was money so well spent!

I met these entertainers at a community event at the Beck Center and knew I wanted to have them for my five year old's party. I also knew that the bulk of the budget would be them and that dictated how much (or how little) I would spend on everything else.

Playing pass Olaf with Practically Perfect Entertainment -
photo credit: Picturologist

We have seen m-a-n-y Frozen princesses this year and Practically Perfect Entertainment are perfect.

Not only did these lovely ladies keep my little princess on task but kept the party going by singing (really well), dancing with the guests, doing a craft, playing a game (with a small prize for all), singing happy birthday, watched as gifts were open and held a coronation.

It was a whole hour I did not have to do anything but take pictures and enjoy the memories that were being made.

7. Goody Bag

I've seen goody bags range from the extreme to the minimal. I'm a fan of the minimal. I also feel that the entertainment is part of the "goody" so when we do inflatables or trampolines - we don't send them home with anything. I do follow up with photos in thank you cards, especially with this year's entertainment.

I hate when the kids bring home a bunch of junk or candy so I'm not going to do it just because it is expected.

This year each guest when home with a really pretty (two inch) box filled with blue gumballs (snow balls) and a Hershey kiss (to melt a frozen heart). All in all there were four gumballs and one kiss.

Blowing kisses -
photo credit: Picturologist

I still can't get over my baby girl is five! But, now that she is, we have eleven months to start planning next year's party.

What is your favorite party planning tip?

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