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My One Word for 2015 - Perspective

I'm not a fan of resolutions. Last year I picked three words - Laughter. Flourish. Thrive. I failed living up to them. It's hard to admit that I failed but it's true.

I laughed but not enough. I certainly don't feel like this is the year I flourished either, in fact, I'd say I wilted. And, I certainly did not thrive but survived, barely.

This year has been enlightening, but that is my perspective because I've learned that my truths are my own.

Perspective is such a funny thing. Everyone thinks theirs is right when telling a story or stating facts. Sometimes a fresh perspective can help expel doubts but other times perspective can cause more problems.

Perspective is just a point of view, another version of the story. War, peace, and even families are built and destroyed base on the prevailing perspective.
It's harder to change ones perspective once it's set. The story told so often that it's fact. Changing perspective means admitting you're wrong or someone else is right and that is never easy. But perspective can change with compromise, opening a heart to love, honest communication, hard work, and finding common ground. Forgiveness is a pretty big part of it too.

This year I'm picking one word to guide me through 2015 and as you can guess it's perspective. I need a new perspective on life and love, family and work. I don't want to try and change anyone's perspective, just how I see the world around me. I want to be a more positive person in general plus...

My perspective on my health needs a good kick in the ass. I want to be a happier person, genuinely happy; not just on the surface. I'm not unhappy, the husband and kids give me happiness, but I certainly can express myself in a better, more positive way.

Financial perspective can always be brighter. Why does it always seem when things are looking up, something happens? More money won't buy happiness but peace of mind would be nice. Just like a healthy lifestyle, budget and planning take commitment and hard work. I need to take a long, hard look and make changes.

By this time next year, I'd like to have gained better perspective on a brighter future.

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