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Game Night Fun plus Printable Invites and Scorecards! #HasbroGamingParty

Game Night Fun plus Printable Invites and Scorecards! #HasbroGamingParty

Right before Thanksgiving, I was picked to host a party for Hasbro Games. Every so often I apply to host a party and I have been coveting this one since I got denied the previous year. I have been applying on off to since before I started blogging. What's not to love? You don't have to be a blogger, you get free stuff, and it's an excuse to throw a party.

Hasbro Games - Scattergories, Yahtzee, Sorry!, Taboo Buzzd, Twister
Hasbro Games, Duracell batteries, Ring Pops, and a Paper Mate pen
was provided, for free to host a party
Needless to say I was pretty pleased to get this hostess pack with Scattergories,  Sorry!, TwisterTaboo Buzzd, and Yahtzee Classic. These are all affiliate links to Amazon and all are under $15 except Taboo Buzzd which is $17! Such a bargain!

My official party date was mid-December but since my package arrived before Thanksgiving, I had two unofficial game nights before the official one. We broke out Twister and Yahtzee for Thanksgiving and when our niece and nephew (twins) spent the weekend we broke out Sorry and the kids played a few rounds of Twister.

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Since the twins are tweens, I "made" them play Scattergories with me. It is one of my all time favorites and I still have mine from high school, in mint condition. The game is simple - roll a die to get a letter and you have to finish a list of categories that start with that letter. Easy? Not, really and so much fun!

Impromptu game nights are just as much fun as the planned ones. Okay, maybe a little better.

The official party was planned for the monthly potluck. Once a month or so some moms in my neighborhood get together, with the kids, and bring a dish to share. The idea is moms (and occasionally some dads) can socialize and the kids can play. There is usually wine involved and a lot of desserts.

A few of our potlucks have had themes like our first one which was a Kid's Choice Award party (oddly a HouseParty event as well), a Taco Night, and a Pizza Night. Game Night was the next logical step in our every evolving parties.

I worked up these invites 

(downloadable printable here)

Game Night Fun plus Printable Invites! #HasbroGamingParty

And, made a scorecard to keep track of points

(downloadable printable here)  

Game Night Fun plus Printable Scorecards! #HasbroGamingParty

The scorecard just allowed for some extra competition but all the kids got a trophy.

Game Night Fun - trophies

Gee, never thought I'd be that mom! I'm all for one winner but, eh, I bought them in bulk and HouseParty provided the ring pops.

As far as food, it was a potluck so no fancy-shaped sandwiches or domino-looking cheese balls were not needed. I made BBQ chicken sliders on Hawaiian sweet bread rolls because I could leave it in the crock-pot for easy self serve and put out lots of bowls of snacks from carrots to pretzels.

Once dinner was over, the games started and Scattergories was big with the adults and Twister was certainly the kids favorite game.

Game Night Fun with HouseParty and iNeedaPlaydate

I can honestly say this is my favorite of our get together with taco night a very close second!

Game night? Yea or nay?

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