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12 Modern Big Kid Milestones to Celebrate with @Netflix #StreamTeam #sponsored

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Milestones. Who says milestones have to stop once your kid walks, talks, or starts kindergarten? A quick Google search of kid milestones bring up a whole host of milestones but none that really hits the age range of my kids.

I mentioned this to the Husband as we purchased our son's first (prepaid) cell phone and we started coming up with a list of modern, big kid milestones that are true for today. Sure, there are many timeless ones that will always be true on our list, but there are just as many that we are celebrating with them as well.

Celebrating these milestones are a family event and usually involve popcorn and a movie so I've included some movie and TV ideas.

1.  The first time they buckle themselves in the car.

We did not have seat belts. Alright, we did but I can't think of one time we actually used them when it was not a blizzard or my 80 year old grandfather was driving.

Buckling a seat-belt requires coordination and a little bit of strength. It seems like such a simple thing but really it is a complex thing for kids to master.  It is right up there with tying their shoes, but I think they can do this first.

Buckle in and watch The Great Muppet Caper to mark the occasion.

2.  The first time they watch a TV show that was not a cartoon.

Yes, I let my kids watch too much TV but when they start to show interest in  Good Luck Charlie or Diners, Drive-ins and Dives I'm secretly doing the happy dance.

This is followed closely by...

3.  The first movie that was not a cartoon

Akeelah and the Bee, Men in Black...  You know, movies with real people.

4.  First lost tooth

RD lost her first tooth thanks to thin enamel and I had no idea she even knew who the Tooth Fairy was but she totally knew thanks to Super WHY: The Story of the Tooth Fairy and I dropped the ball.  My son was devastated when his were knocked lose because he didn't know that they would fall out to make room for his adult teeth.

5.  First electronic device

I don't consider my kids tech savvy but they are, whose aren't these days? We might not have a Wii or an X-box (gasp) but  my oldest has a Kindle and can work a computer pretty well while RD has her Leapfrog and uses my Kindle. They both know how to stream movies on Netflix from two of these three devices.

6.  First email address

They both have had these for several years but the fourth grader uses his now.

7.  First cell phone

Pro or against, there are no payphones anymore, just consider that before judging why I want my kid to have one.  Plus, it comes in handy when in a crowd.

8.  First text from a friend

Yes, it is a said state of affairs when your kid can practice his spelling and chat to friends.

9.  First sleep-over

My son has had two at our house but not ready to go to someone else's house. RD thinks she is ready but I know there will be a call in the middle of the night to get her.  Meanwhile, maybe we will just watch Bratz Kidz: Sleep-over Adventure.

10. First concert

Does RD's first concert count when I took her to Lilith-fair when she was a few months old?  While we wait for the concert she will remember, they both enjoy watching Katy Perry: Part of Me from the comfort of their living room.

11. First performance or big game.

My oldest did gymnastics and RD has ballet.  We sure have watched Angelina Ballerina enough to prepare for RD's first big show.

12. First social media account

What can I say, it would not be a modern list with out this on it. Who said Parenthood would be easy?

What are some milestones you celebrate with your kids?

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