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Sick of Following My Dreams

I'm sick of following my dreams...

From the time we are young we are told to follow our dreams, do what you love and you'll love what you do, and on and on...  To that I say - hooey.

If I did what I loved I would be watching TV all day long with breaks to go to the movies.  Who can honestly make a living at that?  Sure, there are some who do and to them I say - kudos.  But, it is unrealistic and quite mean to tell the youngsters that their career can be anything they dream when really it is only for some but not most.

There was a time when working in a factory or as a receptionist was a very respectable choice.  There is nothing wrong with an honest day of work if you are proud of what you do and are satisfied.  If you are not satisfied, by all means go for the golden ring, but don't shame those who just want a paycheck so they can spend time doing what they love outside of the nine to five world.

Am I settling?

Hell, yes!

If I had gone after my dream of being an undercover Solid Gold dancer spy or a starving artist (which really was the plan) I would have missed out on a most amazing life.

I can think of ten other things that I am thankful for that don't revolve around my dream job - I have a job I am happy with, I can leave the stress of work behind to be with my family, my kids are good kids, we have several close friends that are like family, I have a good marriage with a supportive partner, I get to write for fun and benefit from it in ways I would not have imagined ten years ago, we are healthy (for the most part, knock on wood), and we are happy.

My dreams came to me.

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