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7 Funny Things My Kid Said Recently

7 Funny Things My Kid Said Recently

Oh, kids!  They can be so cute and they come up with the funniest lines!

I wish I would have been more diligent documenting the things my oldest said despite the many, many warnings. On the flip side, he has a baby book and his little sister has an instagram account of funny lines. Okay, she does not have an instagram account but since she is the more willing to be photographed than the oldest - it might as well be her account.

1. You want to go where?

You want to go where? Funky Town

2. Moms and dads are not the same...

RD: you're a good mom, mom but... You are not a good dad.

3. Concept of time

Concept of time

4. Electronics

Electronic age

5. Career expectations

RD: "I give up! I can't draw hearts! I'll never be a doctor!" Me: -----

6.  The difference between boobs and booze

When my 4 year old asked where we were going after the grocery store, I told her that we had to make one more stop at another store.  This other store happens to be a grocery store with a liquor store.  When she asked why we had to go, with out thinking I said, "I need to get booze for the party tonight," to which she replied, "BOOBS!  I love boobs!  They are great!"

Once in the store, she continued to express her love of boobs, especially mine, and searched the shelves.  She did not find any.

I bought two bottles instead of the one I had intended.

7. Fishes are friends?

"I wish the fish were big enough to play with me."

What is the funniest thing your kid has said recently?

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