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6 Things That Won't Happen at a Lake Erie Crushers' Baseball Game

6 Things That Won't Happen at a Lake Erie Crushers' #Baseball Game #Ohio #Cleveland | @MryJhnsn iNeed a Playdate
This is not a sponsored post. Tickets were purchased for both games.

You know how you want to go out with friends but are doubtful of the venue they pick but it doesn't matter because you know a good time would be had regardless simply because of the people going?  Except, the only relative that you trust to stay with the kids (so you can drink responsibility) can't babysit so you have to cancel and you think - maybe it is for the best?

And than, in an unexpected turn of events, the relative who usually watches the kids can babysit and you get to go!  You still question how fun the night will actually be and it turns out to be one of the best nights out you and your significant other has had in ages.  Ages!

Who knew date night would be such a roller coaster?  

Its not just date night but any time we want to go out for some good, wholesome fun we end up spending a small fortune.  Don't get me wrong, its usually money well spent but getting nickled and dimed at every turn tends to make you want to stay home.  

Staying home would just be silly and after joining friends for that Saturday night game we decided to all return with the kids.  My oldest has been to at least one Indian's game every summer for the last five years but this year I was just not seeing how we would go to a game.  Once the kids found out where we were going Saturday night and seeing their disappointment we knew it would be a must.  Once we found out that Monday was a markdown night the plan was set - lawn seats $1, home box tickets $3, and filed box tickets $5!  (psst...  the dates are on my Bucket List calendar)

Of course price is not the only reason to go!  

Six things you won't find at a Lake Erie Crushers baseball game:

1. Famous players (or the egos), yet.

Most baseball players put in a whole lot of hard work to get to the majors and these guys are the future of baseball.  They are ball players and you really get to see how fantastic they are in an amazing stadium.

2. A bad seat

I really don't think there is a bad seat or view from any where in the stadium.  You can sit in field box seats, in the grass behind the out field, or hang out close to the bounce house and you still will be able to see the game with out much obstructions.

3. Over priced parking

Yes, you have to pay to park but it's only $3 which is reasonable considering what you would pay at the Indian's stadium.

4. Expensive concession stands

Men at a @LECrushers Game | @MryJhnsn iNeed a Playdate

Most places, especially sporting events seem to have crazy expensive food and beer prices but All Pro Stadium is not so overpriced you that you wish you would have brought your own food or ate before you came.  And, certain nights have discounts:
$2 Tuesdays presented by ESPN 850. Every Tuesday, the Crushers are offering a special $2 menu of select concession items. 
Wiener Wednesdays:
That's right, Dollar Dog Night has moved to Wednesday nights! Join us every Wednesday when scrumptious Crushers hot dogs are only $1!

Thirsty Thursday:
Presented by Labatt Blue Select draft beers and fountain drinks are just $1 every Thursday!

5. Bored kids

Kids trying to catch a ball at a @LECrushers Game | @MryJhnsn

Even if the kids aren't baseball fans there is a fantastic looking hill to roll down, a Kid Zone complete with two bounce houses, plus they can go out on the field with the mascot in the seventh inning to sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Oh, and they can run the bases after the game! 

6. A Bad Time 

Corny, I know, but it really was fun both with the kids and without.  When we went on Saturday with two other couples we sat at high top tables, had the best server, and the Crushers won.  When we went with the kids we sat next to the visiting team players and after the game they were more than willing to sign autographs.  And how cool are they to pose for this picture.  

The @FrontierGreys at @LECrushers Stadium | @MryJhnsn iNeed a Playdate

Have you been to a minor league game this summer?

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