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Into the Storm at Skyzone

Birthday Party Fun at SkyZone

What do you do when the "best tornado movie ever*" comes out a week before your kid's birthday and he is obsessed with weather, specifically tornadoes?

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A. Take your kid and a few of his friends to see it
B. Be teased by your significant other for thinking this is a good idea
C. Scrap the group movie, take kid and his friends to SkyZone, and let the the significant other take kid to the movies.

If you answered both B. and C. you would be correct.  I did feel out a few parents to see if their kids would be into it or allowed to go and I was just given the yougotobekidding me look.

I compromised and made a tornado cupcake cake for his birthday and put a call to SkyZone.  He has been asking for the cake for the last few years and I finally I obliged him.  And, well, SkyZome is to older kids what Pump It Up is to their younger-selves.

I made vanilla cupcakes and chocolate with fudge filling cupcakes (see recipe here, you won't regret it) and the frosting is butter-cream dyed blackish grey for the base and then I used white butter-cream to add depth to the tornado.  The pi├Ęce(s) de r├ęsistance - lego men, a cow, and some cars.  What can I say, I watched Twister way to much.

One of the biggest draws to planning a party anywhere but home is not the cost but the convenience.  Sure, it is a lot of fun for the kids.

There's friends 

Friends at SkyZone

There's bouncing


There's pizza 

SkyZone Pizza in the Party Room

There's gifts 

Silly Birthday Card

There's bouncing 

There's cake

Tornado Cupcake Cake

And, of course, more bouncing

Bouncing at SkyZone

I really wish I could have jumped on the trampolines but the birthday party package was for ten jumpers, pizza, and soda - I tried to keep it at ten.  I am not sure why two extra jumpers cost $40, that seems excessive since you don't get anything extra only two more jumpers but in the end it was worth it.  The ladies who took the reservations were friendly and so helpful and our hostess was sweet.

Just a note: Pump It Up let parents play for free.

This is not a sponsored post.

*my son's opinion
Into the Storm Cupcake Birthday Cake

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