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5 Reasons to Visit Mitchell's Homemade in Northeast Ohio

Mitchell's Homemade

I love ice cream.  I love it more than candy, cake, and pie. 

Especially pie.  You can keep pie.   Except key lime pie.

Since we are officially in the month dedicated to ice cream I thought it would be a perfect time to share my recent visit to Mitchell's HomeMade with the Ohio Blogging Association and Edible Cleveland.

I included Mitchell's in my #AtoZNortheastOhio - I is for Ice Cream but I did not truly appreciate them until I visited their new, flagship store in Ohio City.  The building that Mitchell's is in was the Rialto Theater which opened in 1919 and closed in the 1950's.  I only remember the building being used as a nightclub.

What they did with this space is just stunning.  There are two floors that are open to the public, unless there is a private party using the room on the second floor. I love the openness and the exposed brick, not to mention the ability to watch  ice cream being made!  The best view is certainly from the second floor which overlooks the kitchen but the kitchen is completely enclosed in glass so you can look in at many angles and not contaminate the goodness being created.  It really is a cool shop to visit even if you don't like ice cream, which is just crazy.  Who doesn't like ice cream?

Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell, one of the brothers who founded Mitchell's, did an question and answer session with those who attended this meet up and the passion he has for ice cream and his business is unsurpassed. His love for what he does shines through and I have to say, I thought Mitchell's was an okay ice cream shop but  after hearing him talk about his love for what he does - I am fan.

magazine and reading

This was the first Ohio Blogging Association event that I have attended in person since I joined many years ago.  I know several of the bloggers, in person and online, but what can I say?  I am very shy when it comes to these events.

The event was co-hosted by Edible Cleveland magazine and this gorgeous magazine is dedicated to bringing the amazing Cleveland food scene to life, quarterly and with fantastic articles and just beautiful photography. It is as visually appealing as the food itself plus there are recipes!

Yummy food by Kelli Hanley Potts

Nibbles were provided by The Agrarian Collective which is a local, but mobile school with a hand crafted mobile kitchen.  They are dedicated to teaching the lost art of the home from the pantry to the table.  I keep saying "they" but I met the owner, Kelli Hanley Potts, and she is simply fantastic.  Down to earth, easy to talk to and her food!  Her food made me so... happy.  It was wonderful.  If I was a foodie blogger I would go into great detail about her use of texture and ingredients but I'm not but I will say that I am a fan of pickled beets now, but only hers.  I also suggest her amazing blog!

My first time meeting up with OBA and meeting Mike Mitchell was just brilliant and I want to share...

Ohio City Mitchell's Homemade

5 reasons you should visit Mitchell's Homemade in Northeast Ohio

1. Mitchell's is local to Northeast Ohio and they plan to stay that way.

Not only are the owners, Pete and Mike, from Northeast Ohio but they have no plans of franchising.  Why is this important?  Because they also won't ship this goodness, you have to come visit Cleveland for this incredible ice cream that will make your taste buds rejoice.

They are ingrained in the community and we tasted that first hand at Chamberfest.

Photos from the store

2. They care about the environment.

Mike was emphatic when he said he won't ship because shipping ice cream to minimize their carbon footprint.  They also strive to be energy efficient in their kitchen and shops in addition to recycling and reusing when possible.

3. Committed to fresh, local ingredients.

Another way to minimize their effect on the environment they use local ingredients and suppliers.  And they have a relationship with the farmers.  Mike talked a lot about the farmers he uses and by farmers I mean he is on a first name basis with them and visits regularly.  The dairy they use is farm-fresh, grass-fed cows that have not been give artificial hormones or antibiotics and raised on family farms in Holmes and Wayne counties - an hour away from Cleveland.

If this is what they do for the dairy they use you know that they are just committed with all of their other ingredients working with other local family partners like Lake Erie Creamery, Hillson Nuts, Hartzler Family Dairy, Woolf Fruit Farm, and the McDonald family maple sugarbush.  And, for what they can't get local they partner with growers and producers who are both sustainable-minded and committed to the finest quality when buying coffees, chocolates, vanillas, and tropical fruits.  Talk about fresh!

Mitchell's Homemade is made in small batches to insure quality.

Serving ice cream

4. A passion for ice cream.

Mike's love for ice cream was so apparent.  To hear him discuss flavors and farmers, even organic wheat you know this man has a calling and I am so happy that he does.  The flavors are unique and good.  So very good and you can taste pure joy in every bite.

5. Strawberry jalapeno ice cream

When you think ice cream - jalapeno is probably  not an ingredient that immediately comes to mind but, give it to the Mitchells and throw in some strawberries and you have heaven on a spoon.  This was one of the several flavors that we tested and it is by far my favorite.

Mitchell's flavors are anything but run of the mill.  Even vanilla, in its simplicity goes to a whole new level. The everyday menu has a few of my favorites like dark roast coffee (sigh), fresh mint chocolate chip (so amazing), a caramel sea salt (to die for) and what use to be my all time favorite from them - key lime pie.  I now have a new favorite but it is only seasonal! Then again so was key lime pie at one time.

Their seasonal menu has 11 new flavors and two are vegan, one is low fat/sugar free, and one is a frozen yogurt.

Mitchell's, Edible Cleveland, and ice cream scoop

So, are you ready for some ice cream?

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