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Triple Scoop with Chamberfest and #MOCACleveland

sponsored event by Museum of Contemporary Art
Disclosure: We received tickets to facilitate this post but did not receive any other compensation.

The on going quest to bring culture to my offspring continues and I had the opportunity to take them to the Museum of Contemporary Art this past Saturday, as their guests, to the Chamberfest Triple Scoop Family Concert.

This is the first family oriented concert in the three years that Chamberfest has been in Cleveland.  Actually, Chamberfest is the only chamber music festival of its kind in the region and was created by Cleveland Orchestra principal clarinet Franklin Cohen and daughter Diana Cohen, concertmaster of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.

Chamberfest 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio

Since this is the third year, three is the theme of all the concerts and of course what a better way to tie in a family concert than with Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream!  Grammy award winning musician, Alex Klein hosted the hour long concert focusing on:
  • Johann Sebastian Bach “Goldberg Variations” arranged for String Trio, BWV 988
  • Zoltán Kodály Serenade, Op.12
  • Luciano Berio Sequenza VII for oboe
  • Kenji Bunch The Three G’s for viola
My kids were pretty enthralled in the musical selection and I was happy because I adore the violin and chamber music, but baby girl could not stop herself from dancing by the end.  I was so impressed that she lasted 45 minutes without dancing.  I would normally stop her but I figured that since this was a kid oriented concert and the host was sitting next to me that we were alright.  

Alex Klein did an amazing job of bringing the music to the kid's level and explaining to the audience what to listen for, why, and how context plays an important role in how music is interpreted.  He was a joy to listen to and the kids were not bored with the talking bits.  I have found that many "geared towards kids" things aren't and the host either talks down to the kids or at kids.  He talked to the kids and was engaging.

Chamberfest at MOCACleveland

Sponsored by MOCA Cleveland

Chamberfest Cleveland 2014

free ice cream at MOCA Cleveland

Of course, having Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream after the event certainly made for a pretty sweet day out! And, boy I can't wait to share with you my adventures at Mitchell's last week, but that will be for another post.

Chamberfest is still going on around Cleveland but only five performances left! You can see what's left on the event tab of their Facebook page or on their website.

This was also our first trip to Cleveland's Museum of Contemporary Art and the kids were absolutely fascinated with the building.  

When we drove by the building, I pointed it out the huge, black, shiny box of a building and they refused to believe that we were going in to the building.  "That's not where art is," my eight year old stated emphatically.  He's been to museums after all.

Chamberfest Family Concert Triple Scoop

Chamberfest Family Concert Triple Scoop

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