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How a Tiara Will Set You Apart From Every Other Mom

In honor of Tiara Day, "women celebrating being empowered, intelligent leaders in control of their own lives" while wearing actual or metaphysical tiaras, I bring to you a very special guest post from Mamma Cheryl. 

Cheryl is a mom to two under two and works full time.  She admitted to me one day that she wears the tiara from her wedding day on special occasions and I begged her to write about it.

Most people I encounter don't actually ask me about it, though their eyes do usually drift to the top of my head while in conversation.

It isn't every day that I wear a tiara while on an otherwise ordinary afternoon walk with my family. And before you think I have some sort of Princess Complex, let me explain. Today is special. Today is my 5th year wedding anniversary and I have a tradition where, every year on my anniversary, I wear the tiara I wore for my wedding.

I had very little of my wedding planned before it was actually time to start planning a wedding. But one of the few decisions I had made in advance was that I wanted to wear a tiara, for what another day in my life could I wear one all day long with absolute, agreed upon justification? So when the time came, I selected the perfect sized, comb style tiara to wear with my perfect wedding gown and perfectly matched veil. I loved these things because they made me feel every bit as beautiful as a Bride should on her wedding day. But all too soon it was time to pack up my lovely gown, return the borrowed veil and put away my sparkly tiara, all with the expectation that these were things I would probably never wear again.

How sad.

However, my birthday was just around the corner… and that was a pretty big and special day too. And then my first wedding anniversary came along. So while I can't fully relive that ever so wonderful day in my life, in this way at least a small part of me can when I don my tiara. It brings me to a happy, celebratory place that now transcends just the happiness from my wedding day. It now also reminds me of my trip to Niagara Falls where I wore in on my 30th birthday. And the birth of my two sons as I wore it in the recovery room after the successful delivery each child. And now of the pride, I feel when taking my family to the park to enjoy a warm April day.

And as for my wedding dress, it really is unlikely to be worn again due to an ever evolving figure (thanks, kids). But maybe one day … even if it’s just while sitting around the house … well, let’s just say “never say never.”

Will you be wearing your tiara today?

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