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Reasons Not to Be a Xenophobe in Cleveland #AtoZChallenge

I am a very shy person.  I also have a small fear of strangers and social situations are sometimes a nightmare for me.  I am very good at hiding this flaw and can venture into many social situations and "get over it."

I started blogging as a hobby, which lead to many small adventures, and even to some friendships.  What I realized most is that it is no good to stay in when there are so many places to go out - even for someone who is afraid of people and new situations.

Deciding to do the A to Z Challenge was not just a challenge to see if I could make through the 28 days, I've done NaBloPoMo I know I can do that, but to be creative enough to go by the alphabet.  That wan't enough and I decided to do a theme and since I started posting more about my area I figured how hard could it be.

It is harder then I thought it would be.  This challenge also reinforced that I love my area and there is a lot more to discover.  It has also made me leave my house.  It has been a difficult year and sometimes I want to just crawl into bed but I have people who count on me and most importantly - kids.

I have found reasons to get out and not just for the kids that I would like to share and might work as a cure for xenophobia.

And lastly, host a party with other mom's in the neighborhood. This is happening! 

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