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The Simplest Ways to Make the Best Princess Party {with free printables!}

The Simplest Ways to Make the Best Princess Party {with free printables!}
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It is so hard to believe that my baby girl is four because she acts like she is fourteen!

From wanting to wear heels and makeup to being a pretty princess she has my job cut out for me! When she requested her birthday party have a princess theme, I cringed a little. Just a little. Who doesn't want to be a princess?

I was worried about pulling it off.

She also informed me that she was to have a rainbow cake covered in butterflies and flowers. I accomplished the rainbow. The butterflies and flowers was replaced with her adding her own touch of pizzazz with sprinkles and "fairy dust."

The Simplest Ways to Make the Best Princess Party opening gifts

Since this will be the first party that she got to invite friends and her birthday falls in a month with unfavorable weather conditions we opted to have the party someplace other than our house.

Besides, we were planning to have a family dinner the following evening so having another location makes it a true party weekend with less for me to clean up.

Location, Location, Location!

Once the theme was set we had to decide on a location.

She is an ice cream fiend and even though she would have preferred Menchies, Malley's was a close second and way more accommodating for a princess.  Besides, the place is already in her favorite color scheme!

Malleys sign

Malley's, by the way, was a brilliant choice. Not only were they accommodating, super nice and they put her name on the marquee but it was reasonable (read: cheap). It was absolutely fantastic!

Deciding on an activity. 

This is an old fashion ice cream parlor and the guests are preschoolers, a craft is a must. I found the perfect crown kits, that came with twelve crowns, twelve sheets of letters, twelve sheets of jewel stickers, and twelve sheets of foam sticky things.

The crowns and decoration went into a cute pink box plus some candy and bubbles.  While the kids waited for other guests to arrive, they made their crowns.

making crowns

Photobooth, again?

I also wanted to do a photo booth with the princess theme and found a Disney princess backdrop that came with props. The backdrop was huge!  The props were a good size but I added to it with my own ideas plus some word bubbles that said things like, Brains & Beauty and #EmbraceBossy.

princess prop pictures

I got so many great ideas from other bloggers as well as the Disney Side Celebrations website.

Cake, cupcakes, ice cream, or all three!

cake to go

Since ice cream was the second star of the party, I opted to have cupcakes to go. The boxes looked too cute on the table.

Baby girl had her heart set on a rainbow cake so, I made rainbow (or tie-dyed) cupcakes and topped them with a crown ring so they had one more item to add to their princess-in-a-box kit.

rainbow #disneyside princess cupcakes


The Simplest Ways to Make the Best Princess Party invite printables

Click here for the printable invite

I made her invites and printed them on Avery Personal Creations Textured Postcards, rolled them like a scroll, and tied them with a red ribbon for her to hand out to her friends.

Goody Box 

goody box pictures for princess kit

The plain box was the perfect size for all the goodies. I just added a label. The printable is for Avery Shipping Labels 5963 - AVE8163.
Printable Princess in a Box Label | iNeed a Playdate
Click here for the printable label

Rainbow Cake and Cupcakes

There are so many brilliant blogs and youtube videos that go into detail that I won't. I will share these tips:

Making a rainbow cake tips
  1. If you use egg whites - froth them first. The layers hold up so much better.
  2. Use gel icing, not liquid if you want rich colors with no additional mess. Plus it won't thin the batter.
  3. Make the cakes the night/day before or, if you must, let them completely cool in the freezer of the fridge. 
  4. If you use to-go boxes, open the boxes wide and place the cupcake in them before frosting and for goodness sake - use a pastry bag! 
Cupcakes in boxes - iNeed a Playdate

Photo Booth Props

Disney Prop Printables
Click here for the printable

I really did love the backdrop with props but I had fun making and using the additional ones. Plus the one I bought did not have a frying pan or an apple!

How do you show your princess' side?

Party hostess showing off her #disneyprincess side

The Simplest Ways to Make the Best Princess Party {with free printables!} - brother and friend

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