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I Have a Voice for Blogging

Source  /  By Alejandro Escamilla

"You have a face for radio."

I think about that sometimes when I am blogging.

I write to be creative and because I was not as good as I needed to be at drawing and photography.  Goodness knows I can't sing to save my life

I tried.

My talent was in commercial art but before Photoshop.  I am positive if Photoshop was a class when I was in high-school, I would have gone down a whole other career path.

I was told that I write like I speak.  I disagree but only by a little.  I am nicer when I write than in person.  I think my voice as a writer is thoughtful but I do tend to rush a bit.  In real life I tend to say the wrong things but with the right intention.  I guess I do write like I speak.

I use to think that when I am old and gray I will just spew whatever nonsense comes to mind.  I am becoming that person albeit slowly.

I am finding little patience with the stupid but instead of telling them, I leave it be and walk away.  As tempting it is to comment on some outrageous things I've read on others blogs I just click to another site.

This could be a sign of maturity.  Or not.

I tend to shy away from controversial topics because I truly believe not everyone can be right and you have to do what you think is best.  Everyone is right these days and feel the need to tell you.  I don't want to add myself to that list.

I like escaping into my world of books and imagination.  I've had enough of real life and drama.  I want to share what I've found because I want to put something into the world that will help, not hurt others.  I want to express myself in my voice and hope that I can convey that I mean no harm and share the hope I feel.

If my voice, glowing from this screen, reaches out with a small, but meaningful contribution to the world wide web than I am thankful.

I also feel I have more to say about my voice in writing but I am at a loss for words.  This is why I will never right a novel or screen play.  I don't think I have the vocabulary.  I'll stick to blogging.
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