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Gaslamp Popcorn Puts the Pop in Popcorn and It's Up for Grabs!

I have received what is pictured to facilitate this review.  I have not been paid for my opinions. 

Scrolling through pinterest, trying to be inspired by popcorn I open the bag I received for this review from Gaslamp Popcorn. The one I open is the Cinnamon Caramel because the kids immediately took possession of the two bags of kettle corn I was sent. I pop a few in my mouth and I am surprised by the not so sweet, sweet taste that dances on my tongue and the distinct taste of cinnamon I love.

I grab for some more popcorn, searching for an idea to display this yummy popcorn, maybe in a Mason jar or ice cream cones. I could mold it into balls with some melted marshmallows or chocolate and dunk them in sprinkles for a fun lollipop. I take another handful and pin some more ideas. So many fantastic ideas, but nothing quite right.

The kids and I love popcorn. The kids love kettle corn the best. Whenever we go to an event, the event is a bust if they don't have kettle corn. It is also the first question whenever we go somewhere like a sporting event or a carnival. Personally, I could take it or leave it but since the kids like it so much I attempted to make it for them, one time. I will not be trying that anytime soon.

I have attempted a few recipes over the years that revolve around popcorn but fresh out of our air popper has been keeping our cravings at bay. In fact, the other day Baby Girl laughed herself silly at the thought that popcorn could be made in the microwave.

As I shoveled another handful of happiness in my mouth I realized that I ate a pretty good portion of the bag. I clipped it closed and put it away. I went in search of the kettle corn in the guise of needing to taste it to write about but really, I just wanted to eat it and the kids had emptied a whole bag in two days! I can't be mad - two kids, one bag, two snow days – that’s like two weeks in normal munching time.

I found the second bag way on top of the fridge. The husband wanted to keep some for his own apparently. I left it alone. They seem to like it a lot and I had the other bag of yummy to myself.

Then it dawned on me, this popcorn is so good that I would never have to try to make kettle corn at home again and the need to make it cute passed when all I really wanted to do was catch up on my TV shows while snacking on my bag of Gaslight Popcorn.

Unfortunately it is not available in Ohio unless you order it online. In fact, I am pretty sure it is only available in California but no matter! The fine folks at Gaslight Popcorn are giving away two prize packs of three bags of their delicious popcorn for you to try (via rafflecopter)! Or you can order it online.

This popcorn is crazy good. And I only hope that it will be available in Ohio someday soon!

Enter to win via rafflecopter - ends 2/18!

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