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27. I Won’t Cover (or pull) My Grey Hairs.

I am not sure when I lost interest in the need to change the color of my hair, and, not just my color but the length and curl. Extensions were not as popular when I was in my twenties as they are now so I would go short and blond or grow it and dye it red. I was to chicken to commit to platinum blonde or fire red so I stayed in the middle - anything but my mousy brown.

I would change my hair because the wind changed directions or my heart was broken. It got to the point that only my gynecologist and Miss Clairol knew what my true color was because I could not remember.

Eventually, I stopped. I stopped trying to change me. My hair I could control when nothing else was going the way I wanted. Or so I thought. After my first baby I wanted hair I did not have to work on and as a result it was cut shorter then I would have liked but worse, the guy who cut my hair butchered it.

Not only was it too short but it was choppy and uneven. I cried. I spent too much money trying to even it out so I looked good for my wedding and it was then I knew it was time to stop using my hair to hide behind, so to speak.

Just as I accepted that I am fine the way I am, I realized that my mousy brown hair is actually a gorgeous brunette and in the summer I get these fantastic natural highlights. I have awesome hair.

As I was looking in the mirror in the hospital when my baby girl was born I noticed something silver. Could it be? Could that be a grey hair? I have plucked that same damn grey hair out of my head for the last three years and it keeps coming back.

A few months ago I noticed another and then another. I am going grey. The question is do I go back to dyeing my hair or let it come in?

Obviously I have no problems with dyeing my hair, I did it for years, but do I want to make that commitment again? I can be lazy with my hair and not get it cut when I should get it cut. I can get away with a few weeks (or months) past what is recommended but coloring it? Never mind the money involved and the time to set aside.

I always imagined myself as a grandmother with long silver hair, braided down my back but me as a grandmother is another twenty or thirty years away.  Not now.  I should also mention that I am the only one can see it unless you are looking for it.

Have I lost the fight to stay young looking or am I trying age gracefully? I don’t feel my age so why should hair color matter to me. I decided to do nothing until I turn 40, in November. It is number 27 on my list of things to do before 40.

I’ll decide then what to do.  Next up - lose 39 pounds.

Mama Kat's Prompt: 2.) Write a post inspired by the word: lost.
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