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Making it to Church and Crossing Things Off My List

I am Catholic, a bad Catholic but nonetheless a Catholic.

I went a way for a while, for many reasons but I am trying now to reestablish a routine and include the kids. 

First step was to volunteer again at a church. I use to teach PSR (aka CCD, aka Catechism) so it was natural for me to do it again. I started when I was right out of high school and even though going to church was not a priority, teaching for me was a constant. I taught until I became pregnant with my son. I was asked to leave and I agreed – I was not married.

After having my baby girl three years ago, I decided it was time and I am still teaching fourth graders the beatitudes, explaining the candles in the advent wreath and making rosaries. But, I was not going to mass because my daughter hated it. She would scream from the top of her lungs and when she realized there would be an echo if she just waited for the music to stop, well you can image. I tried the “crying room” but it was nerve racking, she hated that even more. I gave up.

I kept teaching, I kept saying my prayers, and I kept hoping that I would make it that next Sunday. I also had a better understanding as to why my grandparents and great grandparents insisted that you married Catholic. It is really hard to go to church alone never mind with a screaming, angry kid. It sucks.

One day, during a PSR family dinner I was presented with a form to sign baby girl up for Sunday school during mass. Sunday school –genius, she needs some socialization and I need to go to mass. It was time, time for me to let go of my doubts and embrace the rituals that I once loved so dearly.

Finally! I am not only correcting my bad habits but I am continuing the tradition of dragging my kids to church. Sure, baby girl is easy because she gets to make stuff but the third grader, not so happy. I told him he could catch up on his sleep or sing, just so long as he goes with me.

Crossing things off my list one at a time…
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