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My Top 13 of 2013! Cheers!

2013 has taught me a lot.  New things are worth a try, even if they fail or go unnoticed and mistakes can be corrected.  Everybody loves a good recipe and being featured on BlogHer was really cool.

To celebrate the New Year of this little blog I wanted to share the most popular (non-giveaway) posts from 2013 - in order of my favorites.  

My Top 13 Posts from 2013

(in order of my favorite)

A huge reason I love this post is the reaction it got from The Husband.  This post was open when he sat down to the computer.  The title caught his eye and for a brief moment he did not think it was about coffee.

Starbucks from Mama Kat? Yes, Please!

After posting this I realized that I am Fry on Futurama.

Because You Want to Make Stuffed Cookie Cupcakes

My first post to do, well, awesome on Pinterest!

Hooray for moms who like Doctor Who!

My first watermelon carving.

My second watermelon carving

The post I breakaway from using "Because" in the title.  No more.

The post that got me featured on BlogHer.

The post about our annual cookie party.

My most pinned post.

I can only guess that this was popular because it has Baileys in the title but I do love how they turned out.

I've got nothing.

The list I must do by November.  I thought it might be obnoxious if I put it as first.

Happy New Year and thank you for reading!

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