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Doctor Who Party Ideas for Whovian Moms

Doctor Who Party Ideas for Whovian Moms

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Ever since our son was born, my husband has tried to get him interested in comic books and super heroes. Eight years later he has only a passing interest in comics and only the ones with the characters that can control weather.  Our son is obsessed with tornados and weather.

Last year I got hooked on Doctor Who again thanks to the Kindle Fire the Husband got me for my birthday and Amazon Prime. I grew up watching the show but when the new episodes started I was busy being a new mom and to be quite honest, I don't even think BBC America was even offered my my provider at that time.

I have since watched all of the episodes. repeatedly.  And, so has my son.  Yes, to the detriment of my Husband our son is just as hooked as I am on Doctor Who.

My Doctor is Ten.  My son - Eleven.   Ah, well at least he likes the show.

This past March we had a Doctor Who viewing party to celebrate the return of the program and to hang out with out other Whovians. Since the 50th anniversary episode is quickly approaching I wanted to share some ideas on hosting your own viewing party.

Save the Day | Doctor Who Party Ideas for Whovian Moms


Doctor Who Party Ideas for Whovian Moms | Carrots and Bananas
(9th Doctor said it isn't a party without bannasa and 10 agreed.  The 11th Doctor did not like carrots.)

I will admit that I am not all that into decorations.  

The closest I got to it was a blue table cloth and bananas around a bowl of carrots but that doesn't mean that they don't exist.  You can make your own like the fantastic pin of a Tardis out of painters tape or buy a life size cut out of the Tardis.

BBC's Doctor Who page has a couple things to print out like the Dalek victory poster and the Prisoner Zero wanted poster.  Sadly nothing current.


Fish fingers and custard | Doctor Who Party Ideas for Whovian Moms

What's a party with out food?

I made fish fingers cookies and custard.  The cookies were a sugar cookie coated with graham crackers and boxed custard.  I got the idea from Bakingdom but, I used store bought sugar cookie dough because I was short on time.

My girlfriend, fellow mom and Whovian, made a fantastic vegetarian chili and made Dalek cupcakes.

Dalek cupcakes | Doctor Who Party Ideas for Whovian Moms

I think for the next party I am going to try some of these:

For the kids

Doctor Who is a kid's show after all so we can't forget to do something fun for them.  

Coloring pages are always fun.

the doctor coloring page

BBC's website has a few coloring pages and printouts of masks and the kids loved these.

Create your own save the day

Maybe a game to play while waiting?

Will you be watching?

Check out the prequel!
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