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Top 5 Songs to be Played at My Funeral

After writing my eulogy in 9 lines I learned of a relative who passed away.

Instead of dwelling on the bigger picture and the woulda, shoulda and the couldas I thought I would focus on what I would like played at my funeral.

Please understand that I think funerals are for the living and I know my family would never go for this however, if they did I would like to present to you my

Top 5 Songs to Be Played at My Funeral

On Eagles Wing's

As a Catholic this is mandatory but I would like this version and not the douche choir director who could not make it on Broadway.

In The Arms Of The Angel - Sarah McLachlan

Josh Groban's  appearance here is coincidental but if he did come to my funeral to sing the first song I am sure he could stick around and sing this one more time with Sarah. And, yes I am on first name bases with all of these performers.

Glory of Love - Bette Midler

This brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. You gotta give a little, take a little and let your poor heartbreak a little... words to live by.

If I Ever Leave This World Alive - Flogging Molly

If you have seen 'PS I Love You' then you already understand, if you have not listen to the words. This version has a special twist for my 10th Doctor friends.

Home - Phillip Phillips

Since I will technically be going home, this gives me comfort on so many levels and what a great song to walk out of the church with.

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