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Eulogy in 9 Lines

Say a fond farewell to MryJhnsn, she was a sassy one.

She would often say, “I am a Craptastic Mom,” but her children turned out well.

Mary J was fond of all even after being told that Catholics are not Allowed to Like Gospel.

She outlived her husband and proved that Not Everything Stays in Vegas.

Not afraid of a fight even if it meant Cracking Skulls - Kindergarten Style.

She might have had to on The Day the Elf on the Shelf Died, because she'd do anything for those she loved.

Hard working and Having a Ball at Work; ever quick with a smile she genuinely loved those she kept close.

And you would be amazed what she could do with Ten Hours, Two Hospitals and a Sweater.

She may have died but her love (and her blog) lives on.

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