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Because African Zoo Themed Baby Showers are Fun!

This may come as a shock but *dramatic pause* 


There I said it.  I don't like babies. 

I like my own but baby girl has cured me of ever wanting another baby, wanting to hold another baby or even being within ear shot of another baby.  

I do, however, love that my friends are having babies because it means they can experience the joy of motherhood.  So, when a good friend from work became knocked up I knew that I wanted to do a baby shower in the office and that turned into a true blue baby shower afternoon at my co-conspirator's house.

I was a little naive thinking it would be cake and wine coffee water fruit punch.  My co-host had much better ideas like finger sandwiches, crudites (aka: cut up veggies) and a theme (African zoo animals).  

She is also way more organized than I am and as we plotted over wine and cheese I came up with a list of baby shower ideas that would make any shower fantastic - with or with out crudities - for anyone to do on a budget.

My Top 5 Baby Shower Ideas Guaranteed for Baby Shower Success

(from someone who has never thrown one before)

Cute party favors that go with your theme

Yes, I am starting with the thing you give away last but that is only because I almost forgot to get them! 

Since mom-to-be is having a zoo themed nursery and this is a zoo themed baby shower, animal crackers seemed best to gave at the end.

"Thank you for sharing this special day,
I'm sorry I had to stay away.
But I may be a little longer,
'Cos I have to grow much stronger.
Thank you for your love and wishes,
I'd like to shower you with kisses.
Love from the Baby."

Clever food presentation

A Game

I personally am not a fan of games but I am a fan of bingo and having something to do while the mom-to-be opens gifts is a bonus.
free printable here or click on image

Non baby related prizes!  

You can't have a game with out a prize!  I found the cutest scented candles at my local craft store and dressed them up with tinsel.  I bought ten and TEN different scents.


This goes without saying really but no matter what you have or don't have at any event you have to have a really great cake.

Needless to say that thanks to the co-host (and Grammar Hammer blogger) the afternoon was a smashing success and mom to be got showered with lots of love.  Heck, I even held someone else's baby.

And to prove that I am not really a baby hater...  my gift to the baby.  I made a fiddle blanket.

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