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Staying Cool When it's Hot...

This summer has been cRaZy!

I love summer, the hot weather, the trips to the lake, catching fire flies and of course, endless ice cream but this summer has either been too hot to breathe or feels like fall.

Never the less, we have had some hot days and the only way to cool off is to think cool thoughts and eat ice cream. If that fails, here are some other alternatives.

1. The Movies

This just feels like an no brainer but, HELLO AIR CONDITIONING!

Cinemark at Valley View

2. Water - by pool or by lake

I love the water!  Ohio has beaches!  We try to go often and when it is feasible.

Huntington Beach

When we can't go to the beach there are some fantastic pools in Northeast Ohio.

Halloran Pool (PS Cleveland City Pools are free)

And there are always splash pads...

Hershey Children's Garden at the Cleveland Botanical Garden

 3. Anywhere with shade

Preston's H.O.P.E Park - there is shade to be found!

Tons of fun shade here!

4.  Exploring museums...

...even if it is just dancing to the swing music outside

5. Ice Cream!

Enough said.

How do you stay cool?

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