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Our #HappyinCLE Bucket List for September in Northeast Ohio!

Hello September!  I have scoured the web (and stalked my blogger friends like @FindTimeforFun) to find what will be on our bucket list of things to do in September.

I also, finally, figured out a use for Google calendar! Sure this is a lazy way to go but there is so much to-do going on in September!  Heck, I even started a Pinterest board!

Bucket List for September in Northeast Ohio Top Picks

September 1 Pixar in Concert at Blossom

I have taken the third-grader years ago to Loony Tunes in Concert and the Cleveland orchestra performed music from the Loony Toon cartoons while they played the cartoons -- it was so cool. I feel like this will be more relatable since they are growing up seeing these films.

Lawn seats are the cheapest, plus kids are free.  Besides, do you really want to trap the kids in the pavilion?

September 7 - 26th Annual Lakewood Community Festival

Free and we can walk there!  Kielbasa and perogies are abundant (and cheap) and there is a ton of things for the kids to do and see.

September 8 - Second Sundays at the Cleveland Art Museum

This month growing up in Cleveland is the theme and a perfect tie-in to the Community Fest the day before in Lakewood.

From the website:
Celebrate our city! Join us as we explore Cleveland artists in our collection. Create colorful collages and screen prints inspired by local artists. Stroll through a kid-made Cleveland skyline and add your own special touches. Listen to the sounds of the city during Art Stories. Investigate sculpture and prints by local artists at the museum's Art Cart.

September 14 - Farm City Days

We have never been but it sounds like a good time on the farm.  Who doesn't like pony rides?

September 20 - 22 Ingenuity Cleveland is by far the best thing to go to in Cleveland in September.  

We have gone every year since its conception and can't wait to see what they do this year.  It truly is art for the senses. Attendance is free and with it you can roam among the exhibits.  Some exhibits you are part of it while other exhibits you just look on in wonder but Ingenuity Cleveland is something to experience.  Plus the kids get to see art in a less traditional way.

Last year on the waterfront
2011 under the Detroit Superior Bridge

September 20 - 22 Wings and Wheels at the Crawford Auto and Aviation

How I have had a kid for eight years, who loves cars and not take him is beyond me but this sounds like the event to really introduce him (and of course baby girl) to these exhibits. The schedule is not up yet of all the events but I read safety town and scavenger hunt on their website so I know we will be heading there on Sunday if we can.

September 28 - 29 50th Annual Grape Jamboree in Geneva

My parents took us when we were little and now I can take my kids!  Everything grape and wine related can be found plus fair food!  I am so excited!

What's on your bucket list?

There is so much to do this month!  Check out the Google calendar below for other events that we liked around town.  Be sure to double check all info before going and if you have questions please call the venues.

Have something to add...?  Let me know and if the kids like, I'll add it.

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