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Because Baby Girl Wants to Cut Her Hair

It was a lazy day spent reading Facebook and catching up on blog favorites while the kids played.

Baby Girl (who is three and still responds to us calling her Baby) is hanging around me but playing by herself when she announces that she has cut her hair.

I look up from the computer and then down at her holding a pair of scissors. Not wanting to over react, I try to take in the whole situation. Her hair is not long so nothing stood out as being disastrous. I don't see any hair on the floor.  I just see her, holding the scissors and looking guilty as sin.

I asked her not to do it again and took the scissors from her. I still could not really see what she had done so I went back to what I was doing and promptly forgot it about until later that afternoon when I was helping get the Husband off to work.

As I was talking, Baby walked by me and I reached down to touch her head and as I pulled away I took a fist full of hair. I was in awe. There was so much and it just kept coming off her head!

When I asked her why she cut her hair she said, “my mom, you, said no so I asked my other mom and she said go ahead.”

Don’t get me wrong, I am not upset. I vaguely remember doing it myself and since I posted this on Facebook my loving family members took the time to remind me. It does seem to be a rite of passage of all kids, especially girls. Luckily, it is hard to notice it but we still took her to her Auntie who manages a salon to get her hair did and trimmed.

Baby has agreed to only let Auntie trim her hair in the future.

And, I would really like to have a discussion with this other mom of her... 

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