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@NatureBox is Better Snacking, Monthly #sponsored

My kids don’t eat, they graze.   

I really don’t know how my son survives school days with only one meal.  Now that summer has started I keep lots of fruits and crackers on hand for when they want to eat something between meals but they are like bottomless pits.

I know it is all the running around and playing that they do that makes them so hungry which is why I really don’t mind when they come to me before meals to tell me that they are still hungry but my responses are getting old, water or a banana.

Hunger can by a symptom of dehydration so by offering water to drink first sometimes makes them forget that they thought they were hungry in the first place and if it turns out they are still hungry, well, they can only eat so many bananas.

When I was offered this sponsored opportunity to try out NatureBox for this post, I jumped at the chance because I never know what to buy that will be good and they will eat.  Besides, nutritious snacks are costly, hence all the bananas. 

That is where the NatureBox Discovery Snack Boxes come in handy because they take out the guess work and the price is really reasonable.  As a bonus a new box is delivered to your door each month; your box will include 15 to 20 servings across 5 different NatureBox snacks.  Full size snack bags, not samples or coupons.

This means each serving is roughly $1.33 each and you know that they are getting something with extras that you don’t want them to have in their snaking choices.  NatureBox offers a healthy alternative that is way more fun to eat and every month is a new selection so the kids won't be bored with my choices of snacks like banana or water.

We spend our summers on the run and by taking NatureBox snack's with us to the pool, the beach or out on the hiking trail, I won't be tempted to stop at the local doughnut shop or fast food restaurant before heading home to make dinner.  I also have an easy snack to pack the kids' lunches with when I send them off to the sitter or day camp.
The only down side to this service, that I can see, is that you can’t reorder a snack that you really love.  You can view past boxes and I am seriously craving some of these amazing snacks. 

Check them out for yourself and by using this link when you visit the NatureBox site you will get $10 off any sized box (Deluxe, Family, or Professional Snacker) by entering the promo code SUMMERSNACK10.

The promotional code expires August 31st, 2013 and is valid for new customers only and may only be used towards monthly subscriptions. Cannot be used towards a purchase of a gift subscription. Monthly subscriptions may be cancelled at anytime.

Fine print: This is a sponsored post from NatureBox and all opinions stated are 100% my own.
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